Most Common Leadership Blind Spots (Part 2)

What price is your blind spot costing your leadership and your organization?

In the third installment of the Blind Spots series, John talks about the final three common blind spots in leadership. To listen to the first three most common leadership bind spots, check out our previous episode.

As John Maxwell, Mark Cole, and Richard Chancy touch on these common blind spots (an out of control ego, a lack of character, and living in your weak zone instead of your strength zone), we learn, “The biggest mistake a leader makes in not admitting the leader made the mistake,” and that character is where your values, thoughts, feelings, and actions are aligned.

This is not an episode you’ll want to miss. The stakes are high because your blind spots not only have the potential to affect productivity and profit; they have the power to impact your relationships.

Our BONUS resource for the “Blind Spot” series is a worksheet on blind spots with fill-in-the-blanks for each episode. Visit and click the “Bonus Resource” button to download this worksheet as a PDF.

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