How to Remove Your Leadership Blind Spots

In the final installment of the Blind Spot series, John Maxwell, Mark Cole, and Richard Chancy discuss how to remove leadership blinds spots.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve had a great time discussing what a blind spot is and what the most common blind spots are in leadership. In this episode, we put this new knowledge to work for the betterment of those we lead, our organizations, our relationships, and ourselves.

We’ve learned throughout this series that a blind spot is “an area in the lives of people in which they continually do not see themselves or their situation realistically.” Mark and Richard elaborate on John’s teaching in a transparent conversation about their own journeys to eliminate their leadership blind spots.

If you missed the first three episodes in the Blind Spot series, you can get caught up by clicking here.

Our BONUS resource for the Blind Spot series is a worksheet on blind spots with fill-in-the-blanks for each episode. Click the “Bonus Resource” button below to download this worksheet as a PDF.

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