Vision – How to See More & See Before

In this episode, we’re talking about vision. But this episode is a little unique. Instead of our usual format, we wanted to give you a taste of an event we host every year called Live2Lead.

This year’s event was incredible. We had an amazing speaker line-up. And so we wanted to give you a taste of what this event is all about.  So in this episode, we’ve taken the audio from both of John sessions from a previous Live2Lead, and pieced them together for you here. You can find out everything you need to know about Live2Lead at

Our bonus resource for this episode is the videos for the sessions you’re about to hear. So if you want to play this for your team, or sit around a conference table and discuss how to apply this, you can visit To get the videos just visit that page and click the Bonus Resource button. With that being said, this is a great message, and we hope you enjoy it. And we also hope to see you at our next Live2Lead event.

Check out for all the info.

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