Most Common Leadership Blind Spots (Part 1)

In the second installment of our four-part series on Blind Spots, John Maxwell discusses the most common blind spots he sees in leadership. This episode covers three of the six most common blind spots. We’ll cover the remaining three in our next episode.

You will learn the importance of perspective, how to spot an insecure leader, the symptoms of living in “The Danger Zone” of insecure leadership, and the importance of valuing those you lead.

Valuing others is not only a key aspect of John’s proven method for successful leadership; it is also the biggest value we try to model in this podcast. That’s why we offer a bonus resource for every episode or series.

Our FREE tool for the “Blind Spot” series is a worksheet on blind spots which you can fill in as you listen to the episodes. Visit and click the “Bonus Resource” button to receive this worksheet as a PDF download.

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5 thoughts on “Most Common Leadership Blind Spots (Part 1)”

  1. I struggled so much dealing with and insecure superior…
    a. doesn’t give credit
    b. keeps information from people
    c. didn’t like the growth of others
    d. a micro-manager
    It was wonderful listening on how to be a better leader by addressing ones blind spots.

    What would you suggest if I’m a leader but I report to a senior leader with blind spots in critical areas?

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