Candid Conversations: When You’re in Over Your Head

In this Candid Conversation with John C. Maxwell and Mark Cole, John shares five principles for how to lead when you’re in over your head. These are principles John has gleaned throughout his career as he has taken on challenges necessary to accomplish a vision bigger than himself.

John points out: “The principles of survival are not the same as the principles of success.” Too often, leaders resort to the former in times of stress, and they allow obstacles and situations to stall progress and growth. Listen to this episode to learn what great leaders do when they’re in over their heads.

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2 thoughts on “Candid Conversations: When You’re in Over Your Head”

  1. I am sincerely saddened by the news that Richard is no longer with us. I was completely lost and in need of friends and encouragement when I found Leadercore. Richard was the first mentor to inspire and say there was an expectation that we / I show up weekly for Leadercore sessions. It was Richard first who brought the lesson on working on one area of life that needed it the most. Mine was attitude. Richards was attitude. His ability to be authentic and allow authenticity helped me understand that it does no good to hide or wear a mask to fit in or to try to be accepted. He taught me the importance of being the best version of myself and that growth is not a competition. I had hoped as an early Leadercore member to have an opportunity to work with Richard. I didn’t know how, but I believed I could which is something I had not believed about myself in quite a while. My best prayers for all of the team that worked with Richard. You must truly feel great loss if I feel it and never met him except through zoom. My best prayers for his family. He never failed to express how much love and commitment he had for his wife and children.

  2. This episode really helped me make sense of my drive to constantly push ahead. It’s not easy work, but I’ve found that being involved with things that are over my head in turn pulls me toward excellence. And life is better. We are happier and healthier. It’s worth the effort.

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