Celebrating Richard Chancy

Dear podcast listeners,

It is with a heavy heart, but with immense gratitude, that we are posting this. On Friday, November 22nd, we unexpectedly lost our dear friend, Richard Chancy.

Ever since we started this podcast in August of 2018, Richard has added value to countless lives and leaders throughout the world. His passion was contagious, and his love was truly constant. We know he’s added value to you, as a podcast listener, and we cherish the imprint he’s left on the world through the many lives that have changed because of his leadership and teaching.

It was just last week that we recorded new episodes of The John Maxwell Leadership Podcast with Richard. These episodes will release in January, and we hope you cherish them as much as we do.

Richard will be greatly missed, especially by those he worked with closely and who considered him family. We welcome you to celebrate Richard by leaving a comment or sharing a story of how his leadership and role on the podcast has impacted your life.

Please leave a comment below to share your thoughts and stories.


The John Maxwell Leadership Podcast Team

118 thoughts on “Celebrating Richard Chancy”

  1. Few people could bring the energy, hilarity, and authenticity that Richard brought to every podcast recording. Sitting in the studio with him, Mark, and Jake were always a good time–second only to hearing the finished product bring so much joy and wisdom. He has left a legacy, as all good leaders do, and I am grateful that it will live forever through this podcast.

    1. I am sincerely saddened by the news that Richard is no longer with us. I was completely lost and in need of friends and encouragement when I found Leadercore. Richard was the first mentor to inspire and say there was an expectation that we / I show up weekly for Leadercore sessions. It was Richard first who brought the lesson on working on one area of life that needed it the most. Mine was attitude. Richards was attitude. His ability to be authentic and allow authenticity helped me understand that it does no good to hide or wear a mask to fit in or to try to be accepted. He taught me the importance of being the best version of myself and that growth is not a competition. I had hoped as an early Leadercore member to have an opportunity to work with Richard. I didn’t know how, but I believed I could which is something I had not believed about myself in quite a while. My best prayers for all of the team that worked with Richard. You must truly feel great loss if I feel it and never met him except through zoom. My best prayers for his family. He never failed to express how much love and commitment he had for his wife and children.

    2. Mr.Chancy seemed as though he always brought that enthusiasm that’s vital to building a mastermind team driven by energy and results. Never got the privilege to meet him, but he taught me that attitude is a decision and that it can’t be substituted for competence. That lesson has made all the difference in my life since, and I’m forever grateful for that.

    3. I’m so sad to hear of Richard’s passing, and I am praying for peace and comfort for Richard’s family. From the inception of the podcast, Mark and Richard kept me company a. I made my made my long drive to work every Wednesday morning. I always appreciated his genuineness and humility as he related to all of us who were listening, the meaning of the subject of the podcast and how it impacted him. I know everyone at JMT already miss him very much. . I am praying for all of you in your loss

    4. OMG! I’m shocked. I feel like I knew him personally. This is painful! He really has had an impact on my life. Praying that God will strengthen the family and friends.

    5. This man truly embodied John Maxwell‘s vision of what legacy and significance looks like. His contributions will not be forgotten and his Spirit will live on in all those who he was able to touch. Rest in peace Richard.

  2. I always enjoyed the discussion following listening to one of John’s teachings and Richard always provided great questions and insights into those discussions. His passion for leadership and the development of leadership in others was clear and I have no doubt he will be dearly missed by many

  3. I have been saddened by the news of the passing of Richard Chancy. He always inspired me with his insights and with the authenticity he facilitated the Podcast with. Richard will be sorely missed, but his legacy and positive impact will live on in all of us he has influenced.

  4. Oh my, I hate to hear this. What a precious man. Prayers for his family as well and the entire John Maxwell Team. He was such an inspiration. I loved listening to him on the podcast. His legacy will go on!

  5. Richard added a vital element to the Podcast with his humor and great questions. The “Turn Set backs into Set ups” had me laughing when Richard asked if John had ever wanted to jump ship on a “lunch & learn”. I was asking the same question in my mind. Thanks for the value you added to my life Richard!

    1. I was deeply saddened to hear the sudden demise of Richard. Being a podcast listener, I always enjoyed the rich discussion between Richard and Mark, after John’s teaching. Thanks Richard for adding value and been the leader you were. May Jesus the Lord of all comfort, comfort his family, loved ones and John Maxwell team during this difficult period.

  6. Richard,

    I’m very sorry for the loss and I know my reaction of sadness isn’t near the pain that his family and close friends feel. However, I felt that Richard was a far away mentor of sorts. He was always real and had a genuine authentic way of sharing his thoughts. He will be greatly missed. I thank God for Richards impact!

    Love In Christ!

  7. Richard was the person who helped ignite my desire to start my own business. Early in my data gathering stage to see if it was feasible, Richard reached out to me and offered an hour of his time to answer my questions and provide insight into what I need to do. After hearing my story, he told me that he believed in me and that I would doing my own business soon. I am so sorry to hear this news and my heart is with his family and friends in this loss. Prayers and love to them.

  8. I was totally not expected this when I got the email. Even with the subject line, it is very unexpected. I am so sorry for his family, friends and community. Sending a ton of prayers to you all.

  9. it breaks my heart to hear that richard is gone, how i will miss Richard’s discussion with Mark. i pray the lord protect his family and Richard on his new journey

  10. I feel that I have lost a dear friend even though we never met in person. I always enjoyed Richard’s input and perspective on leadership. we will miss you my friend. RIP!

  11. His voice will definitely be missed!! I am so sorry for your loss (and ours too, in podcastland, of course, but yours is the deeper grief). Rejoicing that he has been welcomed Home, however. Praying for you who knew him and his family. ❤️❤️❤️

  12. I am so sorry to hear this news. His back and forth with Mark made this podcast so rich and a joy to listen to. Oh and yes I have learned from him as well.
    I am thankful for the time I was able to hear his thoughts, wisdom and his joy of bantering with Mark.
    My prayers go out to his family and the Maxwell team.

  13. I am so sad to hear about our loss of Richard.

    I send love & prayers to all of his family and friends. I will miss hearing his voice and lively discussions with Mark Cole.

    Much Love,
    Sue Deighton

  14. Sending my condolences to Richard’s family. I listen every week and have been since the very first episode. Richard always shared great knowledge, wisdom and positivity during the episodes. Thank you Richard for impacting my life. You made me believe that I could become a leader. I just got a promotion at my job and there is no way I would of got that promotion without your guidance. Thank you ! RIP Richard

  15. I am really sad to hear this. I always enjoyed listening to Mark and Richard discuss one of John’s teaching. I never met him, but just by listening to him he seemed like a very down to earth person, and someone that others like myself could easily look up to. My prayers are with the Chancy family.

  16. So sorry to hear that. I loved the conversations Richard and Mark Cole had in the second half of the podcast sessions, building on John’s teaching in a fun and uplifting way. This is the one podcast I look forward to every week. My thoughts and prayers are with Richard’s family and the John Maxwell team.

  17. Oh No. I so much enjoy Richard questions on the podcast. I listen to it so much that he has become like a family to me. I will truly miss him. May his soul rest in peace.

  18. First, Im asking God’s peace that passes understanding be upon Richard’s family in this time of untimely loss of Richard in Jesus’ Name??.

    Second, Richard was a great addition to the John Maxwell Leadership Staff. Surely, he was called to share the leadership skills/gift God has given him and for that I am grateful to him for his obedience to God for doing so. He had encouraged and taught me (likewise with the staff) in the leadership aspect. God bless his family and the staff.

  19. I am stunned by this news
    Truly a loss and a sad day
    Prayers of comfort and encouragement to friends and family at this time


  20. So sorry to hear. As a John Maxwell Team member who listens regularly to the podcasts, I have really enjoyed and benefited from Richards contributions. Prayers for his family and those close to him.

  21. I am very sad to hear the news about Richard’s passing. I am fairly new to the podcasts but I have followed the Maxwell philosophy for a long time.
    My wife and I will keep Richard and his family in our prayers.

    May the Lord have him already at his side.
    Rest in Peace.


  22. Sad news to hear the loss of such a vibrant man who penetrated my world and beyond. God bless all those affected by such a great loss.

  23. No way!!!!!
    I had to read the email twice to understand that he’s left the planet. I’m in shock.

    My, someone I’ve never met yet capital L *loved*: Loved hearing his insightful questions, the remarks so full of humour, the candour with which he approached these tough leadership issues, and his passionate calls to action each week. You were a friend to us all, Richard. We felt connected to you through the podcasts and each week was a winner. Thank you for calling us higher in every episode. Your work lives on, and I pray comfort for wife, daughter, and extended family and friends left behind.

    We’ll meet in the sweet by ‘n by.

  24. I will missed your wisdom
    John 14:6
    Jesus is the way . The life , and the truth
    To be absent from the Body is to be present with the lord.
    Roman’s 10:13
    We will missed you.

  25. Richards enthusiasm and voice for leaders will be deeply missed. Prayers for the Lord’s comfort and grace during this time for his work and personal family….

  26. You would be greatly missed Richard. I am glad that i was part of the people who got to experience you and the great value you carried and added to us as you spoke during the podcasts. Today we celebrate your life well lived. Today heaven salutes.

  27. I woke up to see a post from Mark Cole saying that Richard had beat him again, and as I read deeper my heart actually felt what he was saying in the message. Richard has been a part of my life since the Podcast started and he will truly be missed. I am so glad that he was able to be a part of our lives and that he truly does leave behind his kind words, his wit, and his humor. He was and always will be a great voice to inspire and motivate. I send prayers to his family and friends and we lost a great spirit here and heaven gained an amazing soul. May peace be found in all he did for us.
    Rick Levesque

  28. That is soooooo sad to hear. I loved listening to Richard. He has added much value. I extend my heartfelt sympathy to his family and the entire Maxwell leadership team.
    My prayers are with you all

  29. I loved Richard’s perspective and thoughts during the podcasts. He will be missed. Prayers to your team, his family, and friends

  30. Richard had great application points and a wonderful sense of humor. My deepest condolences to his family and friends.

  31. I was saddened to hear about Richard’s passing and my heart and prayer go out to his family and all who know him.

    I will miss hearing Richard’s voice and his transparency on the podcasts. He always added value to me.

    I look forward to meeting him in glory so I can tell him face to face, what a blessing he was to my life.

  32. So sad to loose such a vibrant voice like Richard’s. I have been listening his empowering thoughts from France since the beginning and he has greatly helped and inspire me. The Lord has His plans…..we will miss you Richard…but meet again in heaven.
    Praying for all his family and beloved for peace and confort.

  33. Saddened to hear of Richard’s passing. He brought so much insight to the podcast. I will miss his energy and his love for people. He blessed our lives with his encouraging words.

  34. Richard will be greatly missed. He’s an authentic leader and mentor. I’ve gained a lot from the way he analyses John’s teaching. His memory is blessed.

  35. Hearing of the demise of Richard nearly made me sad but reminding myself of the lessons and quotes he shared with me and other listeners made me a happy because he has lived a legacy. He has impacted people beyond his era and his name will be forever remembered. God be with his family. Blessings!

  36. Oh my, what a shock. I was listening to him this morning. And last night and every day in the car since I stumbled on to the podcast this past summer.
    Heartfelt thanks to you folks for bringing Richard’s voice to the conversation with Mark and John, and who will undoubtedly be very saddened by his passing, as we all are. Loved his warmth, honesty and gentle ribbing of Mark. 😉
    Condolences and love to Richard’s family and the Maxwell family.

  37. Listening to Richard and Mark talk about the podcast I just listened to , you can tell the passion and fire they both had for leadership. In fact, they both wanted to enhance the lecture of Mr. Maxwell and bring their personal lives into the story made me feel like I was a part of their business family, or at least I wanted to be. Richard you will be missed amongst all of us listeners. May your family feel your warm and comforting embrace from heaven above.

  38. I am definitely saddened to hear about the passing of Richard. he was indeed full of energy and great motivational speaker. Thanks to him for imparting his knowledge and experience about being a transformational leader.

  39. Richard, thank you for adding value to my life; you will be missed beyond measure. I am deeply saddened and pray for family and friends. Heaven received a very special man.

  40. What a blow. I enjoyed the additions and applications that Richard and Mark adds after the lesson. Rest on, you’ve touched so many. Our prayers are with your family.

  41. Richard you will be greatly missed, but as a man of faith I know you are now enjoying and living on in the bosom of our Heavenly Father God and Lord Jesus in heaven. May the Lord God through His Holy Spirit comfort and give peace to all the families and friends left behind.

  42. I am so sad. I have been listening to the podcasts and felt like Richard was a friend coming into the office each week to add value to my life. Prayers for his family, coworkers and friends.

  43. Wow!

    Life is really a vapor, but thank God we will always have the lasting vapor of Richard’s words. Thank you Richard for your transparency in bringing to life many of the principles that John taught. If there was one thing I picked up from Richard was he believed what He taught. He really had the “heart” of his leader and a leaders heart. There’s a scripture that comes to mind,

    1 Samuel 14:7 (CSB) His armor-bearer responded, “Do what is in your heart. You choose. I’m right here with you whatever you decide.”

    Well done Richard and thank you for your passion, vision, and leadership example.

  44. I have been listening for almost a year now and I have been truly inspired. I don’t know anyone of the guys on the podcast personally but their transparency makes them feel like my mentors. Though it makes me feel sad that Richard has passed, I’m inspired to give each day my all. One of my favorite episodes is Fustration to Fulfillment. At one point Richard said something along the lines of, …you have what it take ,you can do this and there is no one who can get it done the way you can. I don’t think those were the exact words but his message was clear to me, Get it done! You have what it take! I pray God’s strength for those closest to him!

  45. This is really shocking news. Oh! How transient life really is. He added so much value on the podcast. Now I will go back and listen even more keenly. Oh Richard Chancy, partners in crime, we shall miss you but hang on to your words. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

  46. I commented on Mark’s Instagram when he first posted the news about Richard. I talked about how truly grateful I was for the people on earth who persist in their God given purpose. I remember getting my first management position. At 21 years old, I heard the voice of God for the first time, telling me to step up into the position. John Maxwell was a go to for learning how to lead. I truly wanted to make an impact on people’s lives. THEN I found this podcast…this podcast had SO MUCH impact in my life. Richard and Mark CONSTANTLY made me laugh and also made me think A LOT. Richard was always passionate and a very good listener. I picked up on that very quickly. I respected that about him. I respected his humility. He had influence in my life because of who he was. I do not think a mentor has to be someone you meet with in person one on one. I believe that some of the greatest people you can trust to help add their insight are the ones you may never meet. You guys gained my trust. Richard had an agenda and it was written right on his heart. He checked off that agenda with me and many others. God bless everyone at the John Maxwell Leadership Podcast…you guys have made me laugh, cry, cheer, and really stretch my thinking. People like Richard influence me to be better every single day.❤️❤️❤️

  47. I really enjoyed listening to Richard on the podcast. Many things that he said hit home with me, and because of it, I have grown. Thank you Richard for helping me to be a better version of myself.

    My sincerest condolences go out to his family and friends.

  48. It was totally heartbreaking and my hearts flew with tears for such shocking news of a heavenly warrior Mr. Richard Chancy, who was truly a very rich soul with authenticity. His rich voice of wisdom along with Mr. Mark Cole and Mr. Jason Brooks is still echoing in my heart like the poem ‘The Solitary Reaper’ by William Wordsworth during the commentary session after Dr. John C Maxwell’s inspiring leadership podcast. Every word he delivered in the podcasts is saved into the heavenly life in the hereafter.
    It was only few weeks ago, he made Mr. Mark Cole repeat the Success Cycle steps so that the listeners imbibed and got it right. Also, in one of his podcasts about a few months ago, he mentioned of looking for his office without technology which is indeed a wisdom of leadership in him and focuses on the humane relationship.
    Though I have never met Mr. Richard Chancy except during the listening podcast sessions of Dr. John C Maxwell’s podcasts, he has impacted me immensely for the rest of life and of course into eternity too. This makes me say ‘I owe a lot back to America’ and we cannot afford to lose such wonderful authentic personalities like Mr. Richard Chancy, who’s innocently adding values to all the listeners and influencing with his wisdom and selfless service. He will be remembered even after hundreds of years for his authentic rich soul and choosing the path of heavenly leadership life. May God bless him in heaven and give the strength to his family members and of course Dr. John Maxwell’s team members to bear with it. Deep inside he’s will still be an angelic echoing force at the Dr. John C. Maxwell team and all the podcast listeners like myself. And, we do not want any more losses like this. May God keep all of the innocent value producers strong and help them thrive with longevity, health, wealth, happiness, strength, wisdom and great leadership values. God bless Mr. Richard Chancy and his family, always.

  49. I am really saddened by this news of Richard Chancy death, even though we never met in person, I felt like I knew him. You will be surely miss here on earth, but I believe that you are in Heaven shining right now as you did here. My condolences to his family and love ones. RIP

  50. I’m sorry for your loss. I enjoyed listening to Richard and often reflected on the perspective he shared. While he is no longer with us, I am confident that his legacy will go on. I can not imagine the lives he touched and the seeds he planted as a member of the Maxwell team. God bless. I am grateful for having the opportunity to learn from him through the podcasts . My thoughts and prayers go out to his family, friends and colleagues at the Maxwell Enterprise.

  51. I always looked forward to listening to Richard and Mark’s discussion on the podcast. This is the only podcast I listen to and I will miss hearing Richard’s voice. Prayers to his family and work family.

  52. I have been engaging with the podcast for about 3 months now, and the value and growth that has started to take place in my life since the start of this journey at the ripe old age I am in, has shifted and directed me onto a path that that I did not expect.

    The team with Richard, Mark and John(and co) are in the process of touching more people that they realise.

    I’m sure everyone is saddened by his passing, but I also think many will rejoice with the knowledge of where he rests. Through him many have been blessed, and I am very sure many will continue to be blessed through his legacy.

    I just want to express gratitude from the bottom of my heart that him and his team crossed my path.

  53. Shocked to hear the passing of Richard Chancy. His voice is still ringing so vividly and will forever through the podcasts. Condolences to his family.

  54. In loving memory of Richard Chancy,
    Please know that Richard gave what he had and beyond himself as God enabled. Even to these isles, Great Britain, and far beyond, through his leadership and kind words, his Maxwell podcast contributions, his servant leadership shone. Power was made perfect in weakness. (2 Cor 12:9-10) God bless you and yours.

  55. He was so wonderful – the best for him and his family ! We enjoyed every episode – he added so much value to us all ??

  56. My heart is broken. I listen to Mark, Richard, and John every single Wednesday morning on my way to the gym. As Mark broke the news this morning I felt a tremendous amount of emotion come upon me and I couldn’t quite understand why I was this heart broken & why this feels so personal. It’s quite fascinating… I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting either of you gentlemen in person and as I was reflecting, I thought to myself “How could I be feeling this way when I’ve actually never met this man?”

    Well, through deep reflection this morning I can say that I truly feel like I lost a dear friend and mentor. You see, most bonds that are created are “two way”, from person to person. You share ideas, feelings, thoughts, laughter, excitement, love. The Maxwell podcast has become a significant part of my life and the “one way” bond that has been created is unparalleled. What I mean by this is that all of the feelings listed above in the “two way” bond are all things I’ve felt on my end as a listener through this podcast. Richard played a significant role in this bond…

    I share this podcast with my friends and my family. This podcast has (and continues to) make me a better business owner and leader. I share the thoughts & ideas of Mark, Rich, and John constantly in my organization. You never truly realize how deeply you are inspired by someone until unfortunate & unexpected circumstances like these take place… You feel like you’ve lost a dear friend; Someone you’d call family.

    I’m certain I am not alone in the way I’m feeling. Richard’s excitement, enthusiasm, and vulnerability has made an impact on my life that will never go away. An impact on the world that’s here to stay. A “pebble in the pond” rippling effect, if you will.

    Sending love, thoughts, hugs and prayers to Richard’s family and the entire Maxwell family.

    Your pal from Philadelphia,

    Rory Sullivan

    1. I am Richard Chancy’s mom and I have just reread your comments on his passing.. we celebrated his 4th year on November 22 and his dad, Alton (1st year celebration )on November 27.. thank you for your words of gratitude .. these words are treasures for the mind when the physical is not present.. again thank you.. may your life be full of blessings of Joy and Peace…

  57. Words cannot begin to describe the impact Richard has had on my life and my leadership inadequacies as I struggled to gain footing with taking on a new role in management. I remember when the very first podcast came out. I was so excited as I had followed John Maxwell for a couple years. Tears streamed down my face this morning as I heard the news through this mornings podcast episode. For someone who has never met Richard, I can promise you that he touched my life. I will forever be indebted to him. I just hope I can take what he taught me and pay it forward to someone else who is hungry to be a great leader.

  58. Mr. Chancy has made an impact on my professional and personal growth. These are first podcasts I’ve actually ever listened to and he made leadership easy to apply and understand and promoted a desire that was easy to gravitate towards and want to apply to my life. I will miss listening to him and thank you to him and his family. Prayers are with them.

  59. I was shocked to hear we have lost such an endearing soul. I listen to the podcast every day. I loved Richard’s energy and passion. I loved his authenticity and his sense of humor. I have set aside a place in my heart for Richard and his family. I will honestly miss him. I loved his voice and how he was such a good teacher. There are never enough words to cover the deep sadness of losing someone of this character. My prayers go out to his family and all that were so close to him. I will really miss him on the podcast. April

  60. Thank you Mr. Richard Chancy for blessing us with your wisdom and courage during your short time here on Earth. I am praying for your family and friends.

    Your life truly is a light that will continue shining brightly and boldly for all the leaders that you impact to this day.

    Your life truly was a great testimony that the impact you made during your time here on Earth was not measured in years, but was measured in influence.

    I will be one of the many thousands of leaders that will carry the torch, keep the flame burning and to continue finishing your work of influencing and adding value to leaders who add value to others.

    You have inspired me to use my voice to lead myself, my family, and others courageously with love and a servant attitude.

    May You Rest in Peace Mr. Chancy. God Bless!

  61. I am sorry to learn that Richard changed his address from earthly to heavenly. To us is a pain but to heaven is the gain. Richard fought a good fight of faith. our thoughts and prayers are with the family. Be strong and courageous in times like these. May the Lord strengthen you and give you peace and comfort. Thank you, Lord for the life of Richard.

  62. I have always enjoyed listening to Richard and Mark. Richard is always energetic, passionate, sense of humor, and a good listener to Mark as he was able to really ask great questions and give a summary for us listeners. I know it is a great loss for the John Maxwell group. At the same time your group should really be proud for having Richard in your team. He will be missed. My prayers to his family. May the God of comfort be with his family and to everyone whose lives he touches.

  63. I am saddened to hear that Richard has passed away. I always enjoyed listening to his perspective on the Podcasts. My sincere condolences to his family.

  64. A rude shock indeed, though i have not met him physically his words of insight has been encouraging and inspiring. He was worth listening to. It is well.

  65. So sorry and sad about the loss of Richard Chancy, I love listening to Richard, Mark (Partner in crime with Richard) and sometimes Jason when he is there with them after John had spoken on the Podcast.

    Podcast land is going to miss him immensely, Richard brings energy, enthusiasm, passion, wisdom, hilarity, and authenticity to every podcast and adds value to the listeners. He has lived a life of significant, touched lives and left a legacy, as all good leaders do.
    Condolences to his family, friends and colleagues. Your rich voice will be greatly missed. The God of all comfort will comfort his whole family, friends and colleagues. Sleep well Richard!

  66. Dr.Mark Cole,
    I am so shocked to read about the loss of your Lifetime friend. Richard was such a Transparent, Tought provoking, Energetic and Sincere voice on the Podcasts. I’m finding it very hard to believe right now that he is gone. Please what happened to him? Oh what a loss…
    My deep and Heartfelt Condolences, to you, Mark, His most precious Family and the Entire John Maxwell Team.
    May The Comfort of God embrace you all and Strengthen you. God Bless you?

  67. Richards’s authenticity and genuineness cake across in every Podcast, he added so much value to my leadership journey.

    We are eternally grateful for his life and the great contribution he has made in this generation that will outlive him.

    Can’t wait to meet him in heaven!


  68. Richard Clancy’s enthusiasm and ability to flesh out the great wisdom and teaching was incredible and added value to me and all the podcast listeners in so many ways.

    I can say that my life is truly better off because Richard Clancy lived.

    We celebrate his life now as he walks with Jesus.

  69. I am saddened by the news of Richard’s unexpected departure. He continuously inspired, and challenged me. I loved hearing him, his energy, passion, and authenticity was truly impressive and encouraging.
    Brothers and sisters, we do not want you to be uninformed about those who sleep in death, so that you do not grieve like the rest of mankind, who have no hope. 1 Thessalonians 4:13
    I hope to see him some day. May his family receive comfort and peace from the Lord.

  70. Richard will be missed. I didn’t get the opportunity to meet him in person like many that I have within John Maxwell Enterprises. I was impacted through Richard on the John Maxwell Leadership Podcast. I loved the energy, passion, and insight Richard brought to the table. Richard worked well with Mark Cole and Jason Brooks, they complimented each other. My heart aches for Richard’s wife, daughter, family and friends that really knew him and will be affected greatly without his presence in their lives. My thoughts and prayers go out to y’all.

  71. Richard was a great leader and a key speaker to the podcast with Mark Cole. He will be missed forever. I pray for his family, friends and colleagues. Thank you so much Richard for sharing your wisdom on the podcast. God bless you brother.

  72. I was shocked to hear about the loss of the great leat leader Richard Chancy.
    His loss will be felt by many people around the globe because of the great impact of his effort along with Mark Cole. I have always enjoyed listening to their podcasts from day one of the start of the series.
    My sincere condolences to Richard’s family.

  73. I am so sad to hear about the loss of Richard. After listening to so many podcasts, you start to feel you know Richard and Mark as you would a friend. I will miss his voice every morning. He was always positive and authentic. I pray for his family and friends. I know Richard is in a better place, but I know the hearts of those he loved, will be hurting.

  74. I am so saddened to hear about the passing of Mr. Richard Chancy. He was wonderful, funny, authentic and you could tell he ABSOLUTELY loved all that he did. Positively uplifting! Always left me something to chew on and implement in my personal life, or share with others. I am thankful to have met him from a distance; the airways made me feel like he was a friend/mentor. My deepest condolences to his friends, family, colleagues and everyone he has touched. I will miss him…we all will. Goodness. May The Lord cover the hearts of all who are hurting.

    Ciceli Vaughan

  75. I learnt with shock of Richard Chancy’s death on the moral authority podcast today.
    I had also learned in service today – the importance of giving gratitude to God and also to people who have been a blessing to us.
    One regret I have is that I never got to appreciate Richard for the commitment, consistency and wisdom he displayed in his role as part of the Maxwell Podcast team while he was with us.
    I have gotten used to the voices of Richard, John and Mark on the podcast which I listen to several times a day and sometimes hear in my subconscious while taking a nap.
    Richard we will miss you, but we have the confidence that you rest eternally in God. May God comfort your family and given them strength through these trying times.

  76. My deepest sympathy to the Maxwell team and especially the Chancy family. I genuinely enjoyed listening to Richard. His humility, grace and interactive spirit was refreshing on every podcast. His leadership and insight will be missed. Thanks for adding value to me, Richard.

  77. Shocked and saddened to hear that Richard Chancy is no longer with us. As a frequent podcast listener of the John Maxwell podcast I “connected” with Richard and Mark when they analyzed John’s teachings. What touched me in these conversations is the authenticity, vulnerability with which Richard led the teachings.

    Richard – Even though I never got a chance to meet you in person you touched us with your leadership through this podcast. Thank you. You will be missed.

    Deepest condolences to Richard’s family for this loss.

  78. I’ve been listening to the John Maxwell Leadership Podcast for several months now. Richard’s commentary post-lesson was always revealing and helped provide examples that I can utilize in my own life (both family and professional career. I feel deeply gratified for his willingness to share his insights with every listener. My heart goes out to the Chancy Family for losing a father & husband and the John Maxwell Company team for losing a fantastic leader.

  79. Richard was truly a wonderful leadership instructor, his candid nature and humility made these podcasts very informational and inspiring. Both he and Mark had this infectious energy possessed only by true believers. JMT is losing a very valuable leader, teacher, many listeners like myself will miss his infectious attitude, but his loss is incomparable to his family. I pray Jesus grant them the strength through this trying times.

    Mark Cole and JMT it was great of you to inform is podcast listeners about this tremendous loss. Your ta is setting a benchmark for rest of us to aspire to.

  80. I am so sad and shocked to hear about the sudden passing of Richard Chancy. Each week, I listen to the John Maxwell Podcast and loved the interactions between Richard and Mark. Richard always seemed to be an authentic leader, always being teachable, reflective about his own leadership and certainly someone who lived out what he taught. He will be missed dearly. Prayers going out to his wife and daughter. May the God of All Comfort Give You Peace.

  81. My toughts are with his family & friends. May God support us on this sad moments. As an old Maxwell follower, but rookie podcast listener, that was quite easy to notice Richard’s passion & capacity since the start. My condolences to all the community he influenced so positively.

  82. Upon learning of Richard’s untimely death I found myself grieved. While I never had the pleasure of meeting him in person, his presence and spirit have impacted me greatly through his wit and knowledge on this podcast. His legacy will live on through the lives he’s touched. Rest in peace brother.

  83. I like to listen to the podcasts on my way to Women’s Bible Study on Wednesdays and I play them again early in the mornings on other days. I really thought I was dreaming when the podcast started and Mark was announcing that Richard had passed. My heart was broken. It was hard to listen again. I finally got the courage to listen to the podcast again, however I had to fast forward quickly. Often listening to Mark and Richard I would be inspired. Sometimes I cried because I could relate. Other times I laughed. As soon as I finished listening I would share the podcast with a family member or a friend. Richard will be greatly missed by a lot of people he did not get to personally meet. I felt like I lost a member of my family. I will definitely be praying for his wife and daughter. I will also be praying for Mark. To have a good friend that long is a blessing. May God bless the John Maxwell team as you all go forward in adding value to our lives.

  84. For over a year Richard has delighted us, made us laugh, made us cry, made us think. His passion, his humility, his teachability, his faith.
    Whoever got to meet him in person or virtually was a richer person!
    I’m so happy to know that death is not the end, and that sooner than later I will get to meet him person!
    Thank you for making such an incredible difference in my life and ministry!
    “O death, where is your victory? O death, where is your sting?” 1 Corinthians 15:55

  85. So sad he was very young and in great shape how did he die? I really enjoy listening to the podcast, Richard you are loved and will be missed dearly!

  86. I have been off the podcast for several weeks and returned today to this terrible news. My heart sank at the realization that Richard is no longer with us on this journey. My thoughts and prayers go out to him and his personal and work families. I must also include his podcast family as well.

  87. Richard’s candidness and vulnerability on the podcast made me feel like I knew him personally. I’m so grateful for all of the wisdom and insight he shared. He challenged me to grow and become better every time I listened. He will be deeply missed.

    I pray peace and comfort for his family and friends.

  88. Although I’ve only known Richard Chancy through this podcast, he is greatly missed already! Richard & Mark are such a great team together! Because of the nature of THIS organization I already know the next leader to work with Mark will do equally well but we do miss those who pour into our lives weekly in a special way and Richard has done that. I am so eternally grateful that he is a believer and is saved! That gives me the greatest joy at this moment. Richard will be missed on the podcast and I’m in prayer for the strength for his family.

    1. I, like many others, are heartbroken since the news of Richard’s early transition to heaven. We have been encouraged and even challenged by Richard. Especially over the last year plus, since this Podcast started.
      Thank you John and crew for giving Richard a platform to inspire the rest of us. And thank you for honoring him in the special podcasts etc.
      Praying for his wife Christy and his daughter Jordan.

  89. Totally shocked to learn today that Mr. Chancy has passed. Mr. Cole and Mr. Chancy really grew on me as the podcast continued on and now I feel like I am losing a teacher and mentor. He will be sorely missed!

  90. Richard added so much value to my life with his wisdom and strong belief system. I truly enjoyed listening to him on the podcast and will miss his contagious energy. There were days when I felt less than and would tune into the podcast and would instantly be filled. My prayers and love to his family, friends, colleagues and fellow podcast listeners who tuned in weekly. The news of his passing shocked me however listening to the tribute that John and Mark did was beautiful and reminded me to live life in a way that when I’m no longer here what I’ve done will have added to someone else’ life in a positive way.

  91. “Have the fire in you that you want to spark in others”
    That what Richard enbodied for me. He was always so on fire and emotional about the topics discussed in the podcast – that motivated me a lot. Richard brought a lot of fire to the Maxwell team – I will miss that much.

  92. Richard, rest in peace, I will be forever grateful for all your leadership lessons. Throughout 2019, you and Mark both shined the light into life during the more challenging moments. You encouraged me to work on becoming a better version of myself and develop the leader within me. God bless your soul and care for your family!

  93. OMG. Sorry to hear this tragic news.. he brought significant energy, passion and insight to the discussions. RIP and he will be greatly missed…

  94. It is saddening to hear the passing of Richard. One thing for sure is that, I am truly grateful to Richard for inspiring the passion in me in my leadership journey.

    May his Soul rest in peace!

  95. Hi there, I’m a new listener to the podcast and have been diligently listening from the very beginning and just reached the episode launched on November 27, 2019. I have adored and appreciated Mr. Chancy’s honest, passion, love for accuracy and clarity on the podcast. I will dearly miss hearing his voice and daily leadership/influence. Grace, peace, and hope to his family and ongoing comfort to all who knew him.

    1. Thank you for your thoughtful words, Destiny. Richard is missed by all of us, but we are grateful to carry is legacy with us everyday to help add value to leaders. Thanks for celebrating him with us!

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