Winning Is An Inside Job

We're finally going to do it! On August 1, we are launching the John Maxwell Leadership Podcast.

I’m Richard Chancy, the President of the Personal Leadership Solutions Team at The John Maxwell Company and one of your hosts for John Maxwell’s NEW podcast. Every week you’ll hear from me, as well as the CEO of The John Maxwell Enterprise, Mark Cole, and the man himself, John C. Maxwell. Because you are a growth-minded leader, I wanted you to be the first to know about this exciting new resource. This podcast will be an incredible tool for maximizing your growth on a consistent basis.

The John Maxwell Leadership Podcast is a regular examination of what it means to be a transformational leader—someone who daily influences people to think, speak, and act to make a positive difference in their lives and in the lives of others.

This podcast will teach you the principles, practices, and process of becoming a transformational leader because leadership isn’t an event—it’s an uphill journey.

We want to add value to you, so this isn’t just an announcement. We are giving you advanced access to John’s pilot episode, “Winning Is an Inside Job.” Click above to listen to this pre-released episode now.

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49 thoughts on “Winning Is An Inside Job”

  1. inspiring. Very good points. I need to implement these 13 points. Now no job, substitute teacher for 3 years. I want to teach adults. Must go out and meet school administrators. Stop wasting time this summer.

  2. This teaching was awesome packed with excellent information. I really enjoyed listening to this podcast. I was busy writing as much as I could write. I will be listen to this many more times. Thank John!! I really enjoyed and appreciate you.

  3. I’ve been able to share so many great teachings with my colleagues and will continue to stretch and grow right along side of them thanks to you! Personal growth is my responsibility and I own it.

  4. I found listening to this very instructive. Essentially all the nuggets we need to win in life. I will listen a few more times. Thanks a lot.

  5. Life changing information right here. I see where I have been stuck and am excited to get unstuck as I apply the lessons from this message. Thank you John! Looking forward to the new podcast!

  6. This is a gem! Thank you, John! Enlightening and direct to the point. Looking forward to the next podcast!

  7. Hello John,

    I want to start by saying that God is good. I very much enjoy listening to this firt episode. I’m a teacher and as I’m preparing for the upcoming school year I was looking for a topic for a assignment for the first class. So today i found your firt episode to listen too. And in doing so I found not only topic to startup my class, but also an anwer to my prayers. Soo God ia good. And thank you John for loving what you doo and foe inspiring others/me to pursue the same. Greetings from Curacao.

  8. John Maxwell has added so much value to my life over the years.i am honoured to be a member of his team.I mentioned the impact he had on my life in the first book I wrote.looking forward to the next live2lead.

  9. This is what John does best: adding value to our lives. You are never the same after listening to him or reading one of his books.

    Thank you John and May God add more years to your life and more life to your years as well!

  10. I am absolutely running out of paper to write all of this down. Here’s the value of anything Dr. Maxwell does. I’ve heard him make this points before. Each time I listen to this brilliant man I learn even more AND see things from a whole new perspective. This podcast series is a must for me!

  11. These 13 points are life wsdom to help one change for the better. It would greatly augment my sharing insights in my facilitation of basic life skills to our adolescents.

  12. Educative. Thanks to Richard and entire members of Johnmaxwell company.To my awesome mentor Johnmaxwell God bless you sir.

  13. Life changing content. It is very true that if we as individuals don’t take responsibility of our life and success, then we don’t have to blame no one except ourselves.

  14. Glorify God and add value people. What magnificent purpose. Definitely John add value to my life.
    God bless you.

  15. Where can I find a list of the 13 things? I want to print them out and put them in front of me every day.

  16. Wow! Wow! Wow! This is so packed full of wisdom and steps to implement, I could not write fast enough, stop, rewind, play, stop, rewind, play. I kept looking for the notes John was referring to. This woke me up and today, I got off the dead horse and started feeding and watering a new one.

  17. What a truism. Winning starts from the inside of a person and when the battle is won inside, external victory is sure. Great insight from John Maxwell.

  18. Thank you John,
    Powerful and practical! I will be building a message to minister to our congregation around this teaching. I am part of the MIM program as well as 24 to double with Richard Chancy. Glad to see my mentors in partnership. Both programs are strengthening me as a transformational leader and Church Pastor. God is awesome!!!

  19. Awesome content. This information is critical to the beginner that is seeking to develop him/herself as a leader AND to those that believe that they are current leaders. Looking forward to the series of podcast.

  20. Hi! Richard,
    This a fantastic podcast. I have been able to adopt and apply all the concepts with great results.

    Would it be possible to share the notes for the 1st Episode – Winning is an inside job.

    1. Sandeep, glad you’re enjoying the podcast. Feel free to share the notes with whomever you like. The link to download the notes for this episode is Just click “Download the Bonus Resource,” fill in the boxes, and you will be taken directly to the notes. If you have any other questions, please reach out to us at Take care!

    2. I have also been very blessed with listening to the podcast and I want to share my take aways with you. I have so loved them that I noted them all.
      13 ways to start winning from the inside.
      1. Be responsible for yourself and your future. The most important ability is responsibility.
      2. Listen and learn from other successful people. There is a relationship between something and learning. People are not successful by accident.
      a. When you hang around successful people look for
      i. Commitment
      ii. Excellence
      iii. Integrity
      iv. Time management
      v. Their attitude
      vi. Their relationships
      vii. Priorities
      viii. Solid family values
      ix. Energy
      x. Peace in their life
      3. Love what you do and do it. If you love what you do this is not work. If you don’t love what you’re doing quit. Many are programed for failure because they hate what they do. Life is too short to every day hate what you do. First find something that you love to do so much that you are glad to do it for nothing, then learn to do it so well people are happy to pay you for it. When you pursue what you love all the other things will begin to follow afterwards. Low morale equals low productivity. When the morale is low so is the output.
      4. Learn from your mistakes. Try then stop and think then try again.
      5. Don’t try to be perfect. Perfectionism when taken to its top degree paralyses you and keeps you from ever becoming successful. Problems with perfectionism.
      a. It keeps us from being creative.
      b. It keeps us from getting started.
      c. It keeps us from being productive.
      d. It distracts from our purpose. A perfectionist has hard time focusing on the overall picture because they get to see the minute details so much. Perfectionist forget what their purpose is because they want everything to be just bright.
      e. It is not attainable.
      f. It leaves disappointed.
      6. Change now before you must. Change equals either growth if we do it readily or grief if we do it reluctantly. People will change quicker if they’re in failure than if they’re in success. If you don’t change while you are successful, it is downward trend to becoming a non-successful. A leader has to be a change agent not change resistor.
      7. Deliver what you promised. This is what happens when you don’t deliver what you promised.
      a. Without integrity there is no trust. Without trust there is no confidence. Without confidence there is no leadership. Without leadership there is no progress. There are two kinds of people: those who do and those who might. Actions succeed, promises uttered and a commitment is kept only at the moment of completion. When you do what you say you will do you follow through. There is no may be no unfulfilled words, others know where you stand and learn to count on you. In following through you gain control, a power born of responsibility and a satisfaction of a job well done. The moment you don’t deliver what you told people you’re going to deliver for them they will never trust you. The greatest disrespect a leader ever gives to his/her people is to start leading and never finish the job. If you are going to take them on a trip, take them home all the way or else don’t offer the trip to them.
      8. Don’t make excuses.
      9. Get control of your life. Loser says I wish, and winner says I will. If you can control your time, you can control your life. Ten top time eaters:
      a. Crises management
      b. Telephone interruption
      c. Lack of objectives
      d. Attempting too much
      e. Drop in visitors
      f. Ineffective delegation
      g. Personal disorganization
      h. Lack of self-discipline
      i. Inability to say no
      j. Procrastination
      10. Work “can’t see” hours. There is a relationship between your willingness to putting extra hours and the extra things of life that you get. You will never get more than 24 hours a day. Don’t wish you have more time but do more with the time that you have.
      11. Plan and prioritize. Things that mater most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least. There are two essential areas to learn how to prioritize.
      a. Work. Prioritize your workload and then put a timeline on it. Put it in a calendar, make folders of every work project you have and every potential work project you have. Before trip, gather material for your next work project and take it with you. You don’t have to work longer, you just have to work smarter.
      b. Personal growth. Growth is not an automatic process. Keep everything in your life very simple and elementary. Read one book a week, file every day.
      12. Believe in yourself, your mission and others. Belief is more than something a person possesses, belief is something that possesses a person. It’s wonderful when the people belief in the leader, but it’s more wonderful when the leader believe in the people.
      13. Give more to others than they expect. Don’t judge each day by the harvest that you reap but by the seed that you plant. There are five types of people that reap somebody else’s harvest.
      a. Those who never invest. They expect to collect. They are the complainers of life.
      b. Those who never invest and never expect to collect. They just suffer.
      c. Those who start to invest and they want to collect now. They quit.
      d. Those who continually invest and they want to collect later. They win.
      e. Those who strategically invest and they collect big. They compound their wining.

  21. I recently completed intentional living (book and class) and one of my cohort mates recommended this podcast, and I loved it…all 13 points are simple and relevant for every day life. Looking forward to applying them CONSISTENTLY

    1. Hi Magen, sorry for the confusion. The episode “Winning is an Inside Job” does not contain any accompanying notes. Please let us know if you have any further questions. We are happy to assist!

  22. Since I started listening to John maxwell podcast, my understanding on leadership has completely changed. If you want to be an associate member of John maxwell Team, what must you do?

    1. Hi Mandla, we are so happy to hear the podcast is adding value to your leadership. If you’re interested in joining The John Maxwell Team, you can visit to find out more about the program.

  23. I am from Indonesia, it’s hard for me to grasp your pronounce, please help us that our main langguage is not english by transcript please.

  24. I believe the PDF handout is not the correct one for this podcast. Would you please be able to fix that? I really enjoy following along with the handouts! Thanks!

    1. Hi Yale! Sorry for the confusion. There should not be a bonus resource form for this episode. This episode was created before we started implementing the Bonus Resources, so the form must have been added to this page by accident. I have removed the form from the page to prevent any further confusion. Again, apologies for the inconvenience.

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