The Blind Spots Series

Listen to: Defining Leadership Blind Spots

Listen to: Most Common Leadership Blind Spots (Part 1)

Listen to: Most Common Leadership Blind Spots (Part 2)

Listen to: How to Remove Your Leadership Blind Spots

In this four-part series on Leadership Blind Spots, John Maxwell, Mark Cole, and Richard Chancy define what a leadership blind spot is, what the most common blind spots are, and discuss how to remove a leadership blind spot.

Every leader has at least one blind spot, and the greater a leader’s influence, the greater the effect of that blind spot. For transformational leaders, one of the most profound assets for growth is an external perspective on one’s own leadership. Such a perspective allows us to examine the areas in which we are not intuitive.

No leader can identify his/her blind spot alone. After all, it is called a blind spot. Identifying a blind spot requires consulting those around you for honest feedback. In this series, Mark asks a great question for those whom you lead and those who lead you: “What’s it like being on the other side of me?”

John Maxwell, Mark Cole, and Richard Chancy will be the first people to help you in the process of identifying and removing your leadership blind spot.

Our BONUS resource for the “Blind Spot” series is a worksheet on blind spots which you can fill in as you listen to each episode throughout the series. Click “Download The Blind Spots Worksheet” button below to receive this worksheet as a PDF download.

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14 thoughts on “The Blind Spots Series”

  1. Hello Mr. Maxwell…want to say or if this message can be passed on to u I have a men’s group and a coed small group and also do coaching and mentoring from you through your books I truly now understand what true leadership is about and that’s influence…. and now I just want to thank u so much for this podcast and also the shownotes that are free….GOD Bless u Mr Maxwell you and your ministries are in my daily prayers….Richard Zamora.

  2. Dear John Maxwell,
    Thank you for your kindness in sharing this information.

    Debra-Anne Jordan

  3. Thank you so much for these podcasts. I have been following and reading John Maxwell books and searching the you tube for all I can absorb. And I have grown and have intentionally worked and changed myself personally and spiritually with the help and instruction of your ministry for the past two years. Bless everyone involved .

  4. I have overtime improved on my leadership style since I got connected to you on line
    Thank you so much John

  5. Thank you for these podcasts. After only one episode, it has already given me greater insight into my wrong attitudes and what to change.

    I am trying to download the worksheet, but I just get the window requesting my email address. I have filled that in a few times, but I have still not been able to download the worksheet, nor have I been sent it via email.

    What am I doing wrong?
    Please assist

  6. You really produced an excellent podcast series. Probably the best I’ve listen to about blind spots and leadership. A truly inspiring experience. Lot’s of input to reflect upon! And I can feel the spirit of a great team at the John Maxwell company. Thanks, John, Mark, and Richard

  7. The action plan for removing the blindspots are very good. The need to create the culture of dealing with the identification of blindspots and overcoming them with the help of others was an eye-opener.

  8. These sessions on blind spots were such an eye opener. I clearly know why I haven’t been able to move forward. Its because I didn’t recognize my blind spots. I’ve asked myself what I am missing but never asked anybody who I have accountability with what am I missing. Thanks

  9. Awesome life transforming thoughts. Thanks for allowing God to use you to deliver this to us. Words cannot describe the great feeling of being valued by JMT. Thank you so much.

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