The Price Tag of Leadership (Part 2)

In part two of The Price Tag of Leadership Series, John walks through the final two truths about self-discipline that explain what makes it the biggest gamechanger in leadership. He reminds us that “Everything worthwhile is uphill––all the way.” But success doesn’t come just by climbing. It’s also dependent on consistency, which is why John warns us in this episode about coasting.

Mark Cole and Richard Chancy elaborate on John’s idea that self-discipline is most easily developed in your strengths and passions. They point out that passion is not simply enthusiasm or drive. Instead, it’s what keeps you up at night. As John would say, your passion is the thing that you sing about, cry about, and dream about. The questions is: Are you willing to pay the price to attain it?

Our BONUS resource for this series is The Price Tag of Leadership Worksheet, which includes fill-in-the-blank notes from John’s teaching. You can download the worksheet by clicking “Download the Bonus Resource” below.

This series comes from a portion of John’s Developing the Leader Within You online course. Listen through to the end to hear an exclusive offer on the online course for our podcast listeners!

5 thoughts on “The Price Tag of Leadership (Part 2)”

  1. Hello,
    I’ve read so many of your books from in my 20s. I would like to join the John Maxwell team but will find it difficult to pay in full at once. An I work
    Out a payment plan as I am an operations manager in Hull time employment.
    My aim is to enhance my leadership ability and firmly establish a ch age of career I the direction of a professional public speaker.
    Awaiting your response.

  2. The ‘Price Tag of Leadership’ part 1 & 2 were very useful and highly inspirational. Thank you Dr. John C Maxwell. As Mr. Mark Cole states someone’s negative criticism is to be taken only constructively and it doesn’t define us as an individual which is the real art of self-discipline. Kissing one’s child’s forehead immaterial of age is too cool always as it shows ‘I appreciate you as a whole being’ and makes the child morally confident and secure.
    Besides maintaining joy in the uphill climb, sleeping minimum 5-6 hours should seldom be compromised as it improves the quality of relationship with everyone, enhances substantially the effectiveness, efficiency and productivity to lead the field being extremely focused. (5 AM Club – Robin Sharma). Some of the best books on leaderships and the price tag values of leadership insights I gained were : Long Walk to Freedom (Nelson Mandela), My Experiments with Truth (MK Gandhi), Autobiography of Ben Franklin, Principle-Centered Leadership (Stephen Covey), Dichotomy of Leadership (J Willink & L Babin), 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership & Leader shift (John Maxwell).
    Grit and Consistency are the master keys to accomplish what we want in life. My favourite quote on early rising is by Aristotle ‘It is well to be up before day break, for such habits contribute to health, wealth and wisdom’.
    Any student can overcome any average teacher sometimes with ‘grit’. That means sticking with it when you feel like it, and sticking with it when you don’t. … than you were yesterday, and that is the foundation for success tomorrow.
    Thank your Dr. John C Maxwell for those amazing pod casts and precise and comprehensive reflections with deep inspirations from Mr. Mark Cole and Mr. Richard Chancy. God bless you all always.

  3. Greetings
    I am 27yrs old, aspiring leader.
    I hold a few positions presently and have had many speaking engagements and opportunities to impart into others.

    I stumbled upon Johnmaxwell videos on youtube about 2 years ago and have since subscribed to everything I possibly can.

    5 levels of leadership Podcast,
    Leadership Podcast, Youtube Videos, facebook etc.

    I am living in St Kitts and I have realized not many people here know about JohnMaxwell So I have made it my business to educate them. I share the podcast and regular videos weekly and host ocasioan book study at church.

    With all that said, You can for sure say yes I indeed love the work that is shared.

    Thank you very much.

    Ps: If you wish to partner in getting a foot into our federation and the caribbean region at large. feel free to shoot me an email.
    Hopefully, someday I will get the opportunity to attend LIVE2lead


  4. Great podcasts. Loving them! Challenging and life-changing as my wife and I apply these principals. Thank you, team, for being vulnerable with sharing personal examples, they are food for thought for application. As a therapist, I can not escape engaging in the ‘unspoken’ content and hope you forgive this of me. I thought about ‘Macy’ Mark, and the expectations of the culture of your family in terms of ‘High achievers’, and high achievers in general, and the pro’s and con’s of which there are both. Healthy high achieves who are A – A+ people are the people I want doing my heart surgery, or flying the plane Im traveling on. Without high achievers academically we would not be enjoying the Maxwell ministry. On the flip side, unhealthy high achievers are represented by a number of people I have seen in therapy who have become so set on perfection, that they have defined their own worth and others by ‘Grades’ and ‘KPI’s’. Achievers in prolonged distress can define their worth, value and significance by their grades, and KPI’s to the extent of sabotaging their own joy and intrinsic value, through anxiety and depression when they are not ‘Actually’ ‘Perfect’. The trap in distress is actually believing they, or others can be ‘Perfect’ and evaluating their worth or value based on whatever definition of ‘perfection’ they create for themselves, or others have created for them, to strive to live up too. The expectation of ‘Perfection’ of self and worse ‘Of Others’ can be tragically destructive to self, & others in terms of relationships and even eventually sabotaging the very achievement goals or projects one is shooting for. If I could I would like to say to Macy, and perhaps you Mark with all respect and love, in my view, ‘The A-Average’ defines your particular ‘grade’ of achievement in a particular subject in a particular year Macy, it does not define your worth or you as a person. Don’t misinterpret ‘the word’ ‘Average’ as an evaluation of ‘You’, but your achievement on a grade. And even then, the A-Average Grade, is in objective reality ‘Way above the Average for your peers’, making you grades overall ‘Well Above-average’. Despite ‘grades’ in achievement, you are always an ‘A+’ in Christ, for that value is set by Him and his sacrifice for you, ‘HIS righteous Perfection’ in you that makes you acceptable to God, a grade none of us could ever make on our own. Love, prayers, and appreciation to all the Maxwell team!

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