Candid Conversations: Father’s Day

In this conversation between John Maxwell and Mark Cole you will have the opportunity to hear John express his overflowing appreciation for his wonderful Dad, as well as talk about what it means for him to be a father figure in this season of his life and career.

“Father” was John’s word for the year in 2018, and again in 2019. He lives this out by being intentional to bless and empower leaders, love them unconditionally, revel in their successes and provide fatherly counsel to those whom he mentors. Mark shares about the impact this has had on him and many others who have benefited from John’s fatherhood in their life. John and Mark encourage all of us to enjoy and spend time with our families this Father’s Day and to seek out a father figure if we do not have one.

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7 thoughts on “Candid Conversations: Father’s Day”

  1. This was an amazing pod cast with tones of wisdom on ‘Father’s Day’. Thank you, Dr. John Maxwell and Mr. Mark Cole for hosting this. Let us all learn to forgive and be extremely grateful to him even if our father tried to win over us and the reasons could generally be such as: maybe our father might have gone through child labor or maybe had to balance the equations such as commitment and accountability to his foster mother where he might have ignored us as his primary accountability might have been the commitment to the protection he received from his foster mother, or maybe our father was an orphan himself. So let’s forgive and be highly grateful to our father. Shakespeare once said, ‘I cried when I had no shoes, but I stopped crying when I saw a man without legs….! Life is full of blessings , sometimes we don’t value it…. HAPPY FATHER’S DAY TO ALL! MAY GOD LET OUR FATHER(s) LIVE UP TO 100 AND LIVE A VERY HEALTHY, SPIRITUAL AND GREAT LIFE. Ameen.

  2. Happy father to all the fathers! My biological father passed away in a remote Himalayan village, Nepal. Despite not growing up with a father figure I have been blessed in my life. Today- I have two dad figures- both of whom are just an emotional connection that we share mutually.
    Dad figure number 1. A successful, very patriotic American who doesn’t have a child of his own. He and his wife sponsored for my schooling first in Nepal then in the US. I have been in the US for about a week at the time of the terrible time the September 11. I was inapt to comprehend the English language and thereby not much understood the news in the TV at that time . However, this great American who was in shook and helpless himself was very patience with me and he took the crisis and turned it into an opportunity for my lesson. He thought me what the America meant for him, what the America stood for— these were the American Exceptional Individualism and Freedom. The similar values were crystalized by these couple’s long time friends (dad figure number 2) – who are also equally patriotic, appreciated for the American exceptionalism and the freedom that they were able to experience for being a free citizen of the free country- the USA. Because, these great Americans Values were instilled in me- I decided early on (before graduating from the University in the US) I made my mind up to serve this country in uniform and give it back to this nation’s freedom lovers. Hence, I am a proud an American serving our great nation in the US Navy’s uniform. Thank you Dads. Also thanks to all those dad’s who were able to instill such values to their kids or inspiring them to be a productive citizens/offspring. Happy Father’s Day to all the Leaders like mine.

  3. My very first Father’s Day with my new dad “John Maxwell.” My father passed away February 26, 2017 and I miss him daily. He was 85 when he passed away, we developed a closer relationship before he passed into God’s arms. I am one of the JMT members and in Mentorship, as well as an active listener and participant in your MIM’s. I love how you always fill my heart, and the hearts of others. As your wish to be just like your dad Melvin some day, I wish to be like you John. Much love and blessings John C. Maxwell and Mark Cole to be able to join you today!

  4. God Bless you, (I call you Apostle) John & Mark. You are two of my favorite people. Happy Father’s day to two phenomenal men and mentors. I am a grateful JMT member and was certified at the Aug 2017 this was the event that you left an impact on my life and I will never be the same. The message that you ministered in the Sunday service about God and how is a Father shifted me to a higher realm spiritually. As I sat there watching grown men cry, the people being transformed, and receiving salvation and Bibles. I made a decision that day that if I could be afforded an opportunity by God it would be to be just like MY FRIEND, MY Father (Papa) John. I do not say this to flatter you but to speak truth to the impact that you made and I truly want to continue that example in this world.
    LUV U both,
    Julia Blalock

  5. Time run so fast that we only realise that we miss the most important role in our life. Being Great a GREAT parent to our kids. We cannot back pedal but only have regrets.

  6. I am 100% convinced that what John is talking about is the foundational key to global transformation!

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