The Leader’s Greatest Return

Merry Christmas, podcast listeners! As we’re releasing this, we know you’re probably sitting around the Christmas tree unwrapping gifts with friends and family. So, we wanted to give you a gift as well!

Are you ready for this? On January 28th, John Maxwell will release his new book, The Leader’s Greatest Return. But, today on the podcast, we’re giving you the entire first chapter from the audio book, read by the man himself! As our podcast listener, you get to be the first to hear John read from his new book!

Sit back, grab some hot chocolate, and enjoy chapter one of John’s new book, The Leader’s Greatest Return! Be sure to preorder your copy of The Leader’s Greatest Return by visiting You will not be disappointed!

7 thoughts on “The Leader’s Greatest Return”

  1. Thank you for giving of yourself and your expertise.
    We all need someone to speak into others lives to encourage and equip, enabling them to move towards the goal that Christ has set before them.
    God has brought me this far and I will continue to grow as I continue to trust in God & step out in Faith. I beleive.

  2. Thank yo so very much for this free gift John!!
    God bless you a thousand times and more!!
    i cant wait to order the book..

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