Candid Conversations: The Meeting Before the Meeting

In this Candid Conversation, John Maxwell and Mark Cole dive into the importance of preparing for important meetings and moments, especially when they’re with people who are, as John says, “bigger, better, and faster” than you. John calls this preparation “the meeting before the meeting.”

If you and your team want to walk away from meetings with confidence in each other, a clear vision, and the biggest return on your investment possible, this episode will equip you for your next meeting. John shares five strategies to implement in your meeting before the meeting, and he reminds us that the best meetings are paired with preparation on the front end and reflection on the back end.

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7 thoughts on “Candid Conversations: The Meeting Before the Meeting”

  1. Thank you John and Mark.
    This podcast has given me specific items to include in my upcoming meeting in January with Church pastors who are in Sport Chaplaincy Australia.
    My goal is to expand the role of sport chaplains in the Western region of Melbourne where little is known about how we impact sporting clubs in various ways providing hope and counselling etc.
    I’m a sport chaplain in Melton Victoria involved in soccer, but little is known about our roles, but there are some others more experienced than me who I pray will help build a network and encourage new chaplains to join their clubs

  2. Thank You John for this fabulous podcast.
    I look forward to receiving more notifications and hope I can report a real positive outcome of my forthcoming meeting in January 2020.

  3. The inisight and experience from the many years of artful knowledge of Mr Maxwell and Mr Cole has been elegantly given to us listeners of this podcast. Thank You.
    Be Blessed!

  4. Dear John Maxwell Team:

    Thanks for the podcast from London about preparing for a meeting–intentionality–“the meeting before the meeting.”

    Dr Patricia Harkins-Pierre
    University of the Virgin Islands

  5. Thank you, John and Mark!
    For me this conversation sewed together a number of things I do and need to do better – like putting all the right charms on a charm bracelet. The tricky part of all this is being part of an organization where the “defenders of the status quo” (a notion I penned) are NOT interested in supporting the progressive efforts of the – often long-suffering – change agents.

    Holiday best with appreciation!

  6. The podcast was amazing. I love the candid conversations. The principles that John spoke about I experienced as a part of URA in Houston Texas.the meeting before the meeting, the meeting time and getting to the point. Having and and not abusing your mentors time by being prepared . I have been to London once but a tour with John would provide a lifetime of memories. I have seen so much of your influence in different business teams I have been associated with. I was with Liberty National Insurance in OKC for a while and we had a book study at lunch and covered the 21 irrefutable Laws of Leadership. I could see the way the company cared and our home office especially as a direct of the influence from the John Maxwell leadership. Have a merry Christmas and again thanks for these wonderful podcasts.

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