The Communication Shift: Directing to Connecting

We recently released a brand-new digital course called “Leadershift,” where John C. Maxwell teaches the 11 Essential Changes Every Leader Must Embrace. The Communication Shift is one of those important changes. In fact, it’s so important that we want to share it with you now. This episode includes John’s lesson from the online course, as well as Mark Cole and Richard Chancy walking through how to apply it. 

John readily admits that making the communication shift was not a natural one for him. His upbringing, profession, and personality meant he leaned towards being a leader who directed rather than connected. However, he has successfully made the shift, and now he shares the seven keys to connecting, as well as the difference it makes in the effectiveness of your leadership and your organization. 

Being highly relational requires a great deal of intentionality. One must be intentional to listen, encourage, ask questions, and be generous—all to build authentic connection. Mark Cole and Richard Chancy walk through what it has looked like for them to put John’s advice into practice and make their own shifts from directing to connecting.  

Our BONUS resource for this series is The Communication Shift Worksheet, which includes fill-in-the-blank notes and exercises from John’s teaching. You can download the worksheet by visiting and clicking “Download the Bonus Resource.”

1 thought on “The Communication Shift: Directing to Connecting”

  1. This was one of the best pod cast on ‘Communication Shift in Leader shift’. It was so inspiring and enlightening I listened to it twice. Thank you Dr. John Maxwell. In the equation of leadership in Directing and Communicating/Connecting both needs to be balanced just like a Mathematical or Chemical Equation which must be balanced. During the process of connecting and relating humility is of prime importance yet I believe in the concept ‘Don’t go servile for your own self-respect’. Out of the two quality principles of Leadership I learnt: 1) Humility dressed in pride is important and also the concept of 2) ‘Catch the big fish and leave the rest in water’ is equally important. I think the 2 quality leadership principles are very crucial and important especially in ‘communication Shift’ in establishing Common Grounds and of course ‘the art of generosity’ as mentioned by Jake and his friend.i.e. Giving and giving without keeping expectations and of course sow seeds without looking for harvest. This pod cast was so amazing both of Dr. John M and also the wonderful and enlightening conversation between Jake and Richard on 7 rules of Common Ground and reflections of Dr. John’s lectures. God bless you all and keep you safe.

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