Candid Conversations: The Tiger Woods Comeback

The John Maxwell Company has just wrapped up its third year of hosting the Maxwell Leadership Pro-Am at the beautiful TPC Sugarloaf. Join us for this unplugged conversation as John Maxwell and Mark Cole reflect on the event, Tiger’s monumental win at the Masters, and leadership principles that can be gleaned from the game of golf.

In today’s conversation, John delves into some key lessons, such as the ability to shift and make adjustments, why Tiger’s comeback was so epic, and what it means to be a rainmaker for your team or organization. It goes beyond charisma and extends to a practice John shares often: “Do something to create an opportunity for someone that they cannot do for themselves.”

You don’t want to miss this conversation about golf, leadership, and competing at your best!

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6 thoughts on “Candid Conversations: The Tiger Woods Comeback”

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  1. This podcast was really thrilling, inspirational and amazing on leadership. What I learnt was leadership talents differ, no competition and of course being a rainmaker. Thank you John and Jake for the cheerful and uplifting conversation. God bless you all.

  2. Such a wonderful, history making event. Thank you John and Mark for gleaning such great points from this comeback! As you referenced, this goes far beyond the world of sports.

  3. So glad I kept this podcast in my inbox. “Welcome the Ball” will be remembered with your great little story on attitude! JMT and Golf Fan 🙂
    Thank you!

  4. Awesome Podcast, John and Mark! Both of you are RainMakers!
    John, I am still talking about our round of golf together at your John Maxwell Pro-AM this past April!

    Back in Arizona spreading the word on John Maxwell’s Leadership Seminars! Thank you,
    Fernando Campos

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