Ten Maxims for Motivation (Part 1)

What’s the difference between a leader and a manager? Well, there are quite a few. But one attribute that makes leaders stand out from managers is a leader's ability to motivate their team without using position.

In this new series, John shares ten maxims for motivating the people you lead to accomplish the vision and goals of your organization. John has gathered these maxims from what he has experienced motivates others and motivates himself.

Our BONUS resource for this series is the Maxims for Motivation Worksheet, which includes fill-in-the-blank notes from John’s teaching. You can download the worksheet by clicking “Download the Bonus Resource” below.

3 thoughts on “Ten Maxims for Motivation (Part 1)”

  1. Management is doing things right and leadership is doing the right thing first time and every time. All three traits of leadership is needed is create enthusiasm and spice up the leadership yet Sustained Leadership is the most important. Sustained Leadership must be implemented just like the red wood trees of California or like trees that are older than 3500 years or more by structuring principled of values and culture that benefit humanity with kindness and empathy and NOT SYMPATHY. God bless Dr John C Maxwell sir and the entire team and families.

  2. Hi, I’m a manager in a charity in Ireland and recently discovered this podcast through a new friend I met while on a “Find Your Why” retreat in England in July, which was also the first time since 2002 that I invested in myself. There is a leader and teacher buried inside me which I hope to uncover in the coming months. This year has been a pivotal year of change for me. I’ve stayed small because of self doubt for a long time and realise I’m not living my purpose by doing that. John’ s teachings really speak to me, they are so inspirational, impactful and true. This is what I want to teach and share! Thank you all so much for sharing this knowledge and giving so much.

    1. Jane, thank you so much for sharing your journey with us! We are encouraged to know that the podcast is adding value to your life and leadership! Best wishes as you uncover your gifts and calling, and as you learn to have confidence in your ability to impact your world.

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