Failure is not Final

Failure is a natural part of life, but we can learn how to make the most out of those inevitable failures. In this episode, John Maxwell asks why some people allow failure to build them up and others allow it to derail them. John offers four observations about how people view failure, as well as four alternatives that will allow us to maximize our misses.

Mark Cole shares how learning from failure has made him the man he is today, and provided the experience needed to lead at a higher level. Richard follows up with a reminder that we need to be intentional in thinking about failure, not only in the past, but also, in the future. Mark and Richard challenge us not to shy away from an opportunity because it has low odds. We may fail, but we can learn from that failure and turn it into tomorrow’s success.

Our BONUS resource for this episode is the Failure Is Not Final Worksheet. You can access the worksheet by visiting and clicking “Download the Bonus Resource.”  

3 thoughts on “Failure is not Final”

  1. This pod cast was highly inspirational and Just in Time (JIT principle of quality) pod cast for me with foresight of examples from Thomas Alva Edison & Abraham Lincoln. This was truly amazing and cheering to listen to. Thank you Dr. John C Maxwell, Mr. Mark Cole and Mr. Richard Chancy, for this wonderful pod cast. Loved and cherished it. There are equally great lessons to learn from the Autobiography of Albert Einstein and Steve Jobs too. Nevertheless, we must choose the ethical leadership values to combat failure as they are not final which means it’s equally important to have a private victory and a public victory. What I mean by private victory is victory in our personal lives such as family relationship strength by choosing to be at a very interdependent level which could then sustain to move forward to a public victory as a country itself in all aspects. ‘Leadership in Turbulent Times ‘ by Doris K Goodwin is equally inspiring. I couldn’t agree less on choosing to be a pioneer which is in fact being a real American authentic value. A very old American movie ‘The Pioneer with truly authentic America values of 60s or 70s is worth watching a thousand times to learn life’s greatest lesson on leadership especially during times of hardship to have a winning attitude. This was a very thoughtful video and God bless Dr. John, Mr. Mark C and Richard C for broadcasting this pod cast

  2. Hey Marc and Richard.
    Thanks once again for your on-the-money fleshing out of Dr Maxwell’s teaching.
    I’m going to write the book “Stupid Hurts; how to be Shatterproof!”
    I would love to hear something on failures of parents being projected on their kids and failures of leaders in business, being projected on their subjects. “Sins of the forefathers”.
    This could almost pass as a form of bullying and intimidation and could psychologically scar for life.
    Thanks guys.
    Keep on inspiring us.
    Regs Andre

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