Candid Conversations: The Power of 5

In this Candid Conversation, you’ll hear John’s desire to be a ladder holder at this stage in his life, as well as his commitment to add value to leaders who multiply value to others. John and Mark Cole discuss John’s latest book, which he wrote for that express purpose: to add value to network marketers who are multiplying value to others.

Mark and John share how and why the book came to be, and they give a taste of what’s inside. In The Power of 5, John lays out five essential priorities for successful network marketers: Growth, Connecting, Mindset, Leadership, and Significance. He also defines four necessary actions that help you stay on course with your priorities. Living out these right actions and priorities produces incredible results!

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6 thoughts on “Candid Conversations: The Power of 5”

  1. After 30 years with one Direct Sale company building and working with teams as a National Director, ( the team added over 140,000 people to the team in one year) this is SPOT on and missed by so many.

    Loving my journey with the JMT team and being part of the mentor-ship program. Beginning year 7 and as excited as day 1 – maybe more as the information you share is so valuable! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

  2. I am seeking the Lord for some answers and this podcast gave me prayer points to reach up to heaven.
    Thank You So Much! I am looking forward to God’s response. Be blessed some more!

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