Journey to Greatness with Don Yaeger

In this special episode, John Maxwell and Mark Cole sit down with their good friend Don Yaeger. Don is an award-winning keynote speaker, business leadership coach, 11-time New York Times best-selling author, and longtime associate editor for Sports Illustrated. 

John and Don talk about their journeys to become great communicators, both on stage and on paper, as well as favorite books they’ve written and what it means to truly be great.  

Instead of notes, this week’s BONUS resource is a free preview of Don Yaeger’s online course, Journey to Greatness, which you can access by visiting or by clicking the link below. 

3 thoughts on “Journey to Greatness with Don Yaeger”

  1. Love the content, huge fan of John and his team, avid consumer of his content.

    Could you please fix the website so that I don’t have to enter my email every time I click something on the page. Once you have my email getting it 40 -50 more times a month isn’t doing anything for you, it is just aggravating!

    1. Hi Travis! Thank you for your feedback. After the first time you entered your information, you should have started receiving email updates with direct links to the week’s bonus resource. That way everything comes straight to you in your inbox and you’re not required to fill in your info every week. If you are having trouble receiving these emails, either check your spam folder, or reach out to our customer service at We hope you continue to enjoy the podcast!

  2. Greatness is more than just numbers. You ask to have someone you admire to become your mentor. These are just a few of the important messages I received when listening to this podcast!

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