Candid Conversations: Emotional Strength in Challenging Situations

We’re doing something new with The John Maxwell Leadership Podcast! In addition to our regularly scheduled episodes, we’re giving you occasional, candid conversations with John Maxwell as he travels the world teaching leadership. These behind the scenes episodes will deliver some of John’s freshest thinking on a variety of topics.

In this first installment of Candid Conversations, John Maxwell and Mark Cole (CEO of The John Maxwell Enterprise) discuss their experiences and the leadership lessons they gained at the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am, held in Pebble Beach, CA. John shares his observations about what it takes to build and maintain emotional strength and stability during challenging situations.

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10 thoughts on “Candid Conversations: Emotional Strength in Challenging Situations”

  1. Fun to listen in this informal conversation and hear a mature perspective on leadership in a place where you are not the Pro

  2. very inspiring and got 2-3 insights on how to handle challenging situations. Thank you Mr. John Maxwell. I intend ordering the book on ‘Leadershift’ this week. And i look forward to your next new topic that might sound like “21 Irrefutable laws of Interdependence Leadership”. God bless you Sir and may you have a great and a very long life. God bless your team and your family for all your leadership principles just as effective as Stephen Covey.

  3. 3/15 – John – I am enjoying your podcast on emotional stability tremendously on two levels today – On the content AND as someone who managed public relations for 15 years at Pebble Beach. Great job today! Really liked what you had to say about this year’s tournament and also on how to get yourself off the emotional cliff. Good advice for all of us. Thank you.

  4. WOW Mark. Thanks so much for coming up with this idea. I admittedly have a Bro-mance with brother John. I’ve so often thought, that of all the dozens of leaders and speakers I’ve come in contact with over the last 40 years, John is the one I’d most like to just sit down and watch a game with, or better yet, go to a game. You’ve made it possible for me to just join John in a casual conversation. Thanks for doing this, and I’ll be looking forward to many others.

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