Climb Further and Faster: An Interview with Chris Hogan

We’re deviating from our regular format to bring you this special episode featuring John C. Maxwell and Chris Hogan both being interviewed by the CEO of the Maxwell Enterprise, Mark Cole.  

In this episode, John and Chris share essential wisdom for those wanting to grow in their leadership. Chris reveals his journey to success, and John opens up about his current vision to add value to leaders in a way that helps them go beyond him. Both men offer key principles that have served them well and have the potential to help you climb higher and faster!

Our BONUS resource for this episode is the outlined notes from this conversation. You can access the worksheet by clicking “Download the Bonus Resource” below.   

1 thought on “Climb Further and Faster: An Interview with Chris Hogan”

  1. The value of a mentor as an influencer no matter what line of success or business to our children inspiring their creativity is so important in transforming our world for the better. Valuing children family employees etc is a journey of self belief everyone is worthy of success strive and follow the passion of their heart the live mode of creativity just one step forward is one step towards a better life. Love and beleive the value of our inner being that we deserve better. Awsome discussion.

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