Candid Conversations: Advice for People Starting Their Career (Part 2)

In this Candid Conversation, John Maxwell continues to offer guidance for people who are getting started in their careers. However, you’ll quickly realize the advice is applicable to all of us in any stage of our leadership journey. This is wisdom that John has acquired through years of practice, and he’s excited to share it with you. Be sure to listen to the entire episode to catch all of John’s counsel, but three standout principles are: Exceed expectations, find an advocate, and consistently add value. If you apply this actionable advice, you can be confident it will help you advance in your career.

John and Mark begin the conversation with an update on John’s latest happenings. We learn one of the ways that John is being intentional to add value to people every year, and we hear about some huge projects that are positively impacting children all around the world.

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3 thoughts on “Candid Conversations: Advice for People Starting Their Career (Part 2)”

  1. I have been listening to the John Maxwell podcast religiously since you guys started. It has helped me not only grow as a leader but also as a youth leadership curriculum writer. I love how Mark and Richard take John’s content and pull out nuggets to make us think deeper. This particular episode particularly empowered me to move forward in the leadership work that I am doing in Port au Prince, Haiti. Possibility thinking! Thank you…..

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