A Winner’s Daily Mindset (Part 2)

Success happens when you add value to yourself. But significance happens when you add value to others. That’s what John Maxwell talks about in part two of our series, A Winner’s Daily Mindset. 

Mark and Richard dive into the difference between successful and unsuccessful people. Then they discuss how good habits and disciplines in a leader’s life compound into success that can lead to significance. 

Our BONUS resource for this series is Winner’s Daily Mindset Worksheet, which includes fill-in-the-blank notes from John’s teaching. You can download the worksheet by clicking “Download the Bonus Resource” below. 

6 thoughts on “A Winner’s Daily Mindset (Part 2)”

  1. Always excellent information more valuable than gold.
    I relate completely with Mark’s personal physical and spiritual goal he set up for himself regarding the daily push ups and scripture reading. What I believe he has done is set up a realistic daily achievement for himself allowing him to have a baseline consistancy to achieve each day and claim it, and will eventually find himself capable of doing more and going longer as the year goes on. The body will adapt to more. Noted: are the fundamental truths that John points out: Consistancy and Reality. You guys are Great!

    1. My personal record:
      620 pushups at once, without any interruption whatsoever. It took about an hour.
      It is 90% mental and 10%physical!!!

  2. To John and your team
    As you brought the point out that states, “The situation you live in does not have to live in you. “it brought a paraphrase of Romans 8: 28 that the Holy Spirit has been teaching me, which says
    “God is in your situation, and He is in it for good.” So, you need to let God determine your situation, and trust Him to teach and lead you through it).
    Have really enjoyed getting your podcasts, and your daily devotions.
    May God bless your ministry,
    Yours in Christ
    Graeme Ritchie

    1. Hi Laura, sorry for the inconvenience. We have fixed this issue now, so you should be able to access our library of Bonus Resources now. Please let us know if we can assist you with anything else.

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