Candid Conversations: From the Desk of John C. Maxwell

In this installment of Candid Conversations, John Maxwell and Mark Cole sit down in John’s home office to update you on the incredible transformation happening around the world through The John Maxwell Enterprise and its partners.

John also shares his gratitude and excitement for being awarded the prestigious Horatio Alger award, an accomplishment that has been a long-time bucket list item for John.

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Photos from John's trip to Guatemala:

4 thoughts on “Candid Conversations: From the Desk of John C. Maxwell”

  1. I always enjoy listening to John Maxwell. He’s the perfect person to talk about leadership. I’m trying to learn from him since I was just named the co-leader for our Community Outreach Programs at Carolina Arbors, a 55+ Del Webb community located in Durham, NC, with so many people who want to give back in the Triangle area. My passion has always been to find ways to help others so it is a great fit to work with others who have the same interest. Many of our neighbors have had very successful careers in their lifetime and have reached a point in their lives where they want to help others. It’s such a great feeling to see those who receive these valuable resources expressing their gratitude and are so thankful for the mission of our outreach programs. Thanks so much to John Maxwell for keeping me focused and inspired to continue sharing the enthusiasm we have to achieve positive changes in other people’s lives!

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