Momentum Breakers vs. Momentum Makers (Part 1)

Are you a momentum breaker or a momentum maker?

We hope you’ll be able to answer this question for yourself by the end of our two-part series on momentum. In this series, John discusses how momentum is a leader’s best friend, and then he walks through ten categories of momentum breakers and momentum makers. In this episode, John, Mark, and Richard touch on the first five breakers and makers.

This is a crucial conversation for leaders. Even if you’re a momentum maker, you may have momentum breakers on your team. How do you work with and lead momentum breakers? How do you move from a breaker to a maker? John, Mark, and Richard will discuss these questions and more in this series.

Our BONUS resource for this series is a worksheet on momentum where you can fill in your notes as John teaches. We’ve also included an assessment at the end of the worksheet to help you evaluate your personal momentum, as well as your organization’s momentum. You can download this resource by clicking the “Bonus Resource” button below.

7 thoughts on “Momentum Breakers vs. Momentum Makers (Part 1)”

  1. The teaching and application of this podcast was informational with great explanation of ways of thinking about possible applications of leadership skills of utilizing momentum within a team

  2. Awesome content, I’ve literally started to examine myself and letting the entire session marinate in my mind ,got to continue listening to this so that I make the necessary adjustments so that I can improve as an individual.

  3. This was such a perfect time for this to come across my desk. We have been coaching a little innercity church in which a leader left after problems with morality. Everyone was greatly affected. The church will be subsidized only one more year or it closes. We have been helping people process and heal and now it’s time, now that we trust each other and are united, to gather steam. As we started those conversations, this podcast came along. I asked my prayer warriors to start praying for momentum! Today is Labor Day and my husband is out with a group of men now to support and challenge. I’m sitting home praying and listening to this podcast. And the men with my husband today will get this podcast in an email. I have John’s books in English and Spanish. Thank you for being there for such a time as this!

  4. Oh my goodness – your teachings are ‘top rate’ Dr, Maxwell – being a ‘groupie’ I look forward to your ‘World Wide’ teachings – ,,,, so, “being a part of this pod caste is like the cherry on top of the icing on top of the most delicious fruit cake in the world”. You Rock! Oh – and while I’m at it I must comment that I purchased the Leadership Bible at the last function – what an invaluable resource . Thank you for these sessions! Most Sincerely – Cheryl

  5. You mentioned that Intentional Living was a failure. I wanted you to know that it radically changed my life, my personal development, and how I guide my direct reports and children through their development. While I am sad that it lost money, it did have an impact on my life and has led to me purchasing more of Dr. Maxwell’s books and other content. Thank you for publishing it.

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