The Make-Up that Makes Up a Leader (Part 2)

In part two of this series, John Maxwell continues to teach on characteristics to look for that make up a potential leader. He talks about the importance of two necessary attributes of a high capacity leader: a positive attitude and teachability.

Building on John’s principle of a teachable spirit as the key to growing as a leader, Mark Cole and Richard Chancy talk about how teachability can look different in various personalities. They provide practical advice on how be teachable and convert that into measurable growth in your daily life as a leader.

Our BONUS resource for this episode is the Makeup That Makes Up a Leader Worksheet. You can access the worksheet by clicking “Download the Bonus Resource” below.    

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6 thoughts on “The Make-Up that Makes Up a Leader (Part 2)”

  1. That was marvelously inspirational and worth sharing with every conscious individual on this planet Earth. It’s the attitude that would make all the difference in the universe. Let me give an example of attitude from my own perspective: When going a major health treatment and the best health treatment the cost of the medical treatment inclusive of the quality of treatment and facilities must be evaluated. As the world statistics shows America is the most expensive, and the second expensive being UK and least expensive is India… and that too for the same kind of major health treatments or surgeries both in terms of healing capacities of the doctors and surgeons and all three countries are in par with the quality and quantity of the same treatments. Now having the right attitude I would go back to India for health treatments and come back to America as a resident of America or even when I am a citizen of America if God wills.
    The podcasts of Dr John Maxwell are so useful that I keep sharing with everyone I come across on my journey of life. Mr Mark Cole and Mr Richard Chancy are equally filled with wisdom and are mesmerizing. God bless Dr John c Maxwell, Mark Cole and Richard Chancy, your families and the entire team.

    The way to apply the values and principles in the podcasts are through PDCA cycle (Plan Do Check Act). God bless all of us and America.

    1. Yasmin,

      Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. We are so happy to hear the podcast is impacting your life in such a positive way!

  2. The book titled ‘Fault in our stars’ by John Green and the movie on the same book is a good example on how much we must make up with principles and integrity and loyalty as a quality principle centered (god centered) leadership. May God protect all of us and bless us all.

  3. Thank you so much for these podcasts. I am energized and inspired to become a better leader and hopefully use this knowledge to make others I touch better! I also love the transparency of Mark and Richard. Your transparency makes this real.

    Thank you

  4. Hey Mark and Richard, thanks one again for a great show (as always)!
    My opinion’s probably not what you need, if you feel that you need to improve your podcasts and I know that we always need to improve.
    I’m a possibility thinker and so view everything through my set of optimistic lenses! I’m a natural high C and I on DISC so instead of finding 99 reasons why I SHOULDn’t like your podcasts, I’ll find 99 reason why I SHOULD love it…..and let me tell you guys something…..with each podcast I find 299 reasons why I love it ! Greatness is defined by the time you give to people, freely, even to the little people like me. So I’m in awe of how freely you give your time; you guys are the epitome of Greatness. You have inspired me to envision a South Africa with Transformed Leadership. Thanks guys, keep them Podcasts comin’! Cheers Andre

  5. Hi Mark and Richard.
    I would like to add some value to you both by saying thank you for these amazing podcasts. I thoroughly enjoy listening to them. I drive over an hour to work on a daily basis and literally cannot wait to drive to work so that I can listen and grow. It sets me up for success before my day even starts and inspires me to implement what I have learnt immediately with my team.

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