Bonus Episode: Leadershift with Ed Bastian

In the final installment of this week’s mini-series on John’s new book, Leadershift, we have Ed Bastian, the CEO of Delta Airlines, on the show! John and Ed sit down to discuss Ed’s methods for developing people and creating a healthy culture. Ed also shares some key leadership lessons he’s learned throughout his career and how he prepares himself and his team for crisis situations.  

 By now, you’ve heard that John C. Maxwell’s new book, Leadershift, is out and already in the hands of growth-minded leaders. 

Click here to get your copy! 

 If you missed either of the previous episodes in this mini-series with Rachel Hollis or Trent Shelton, just visit and click the link to the episode you missed. 

 Our BONUS resource for this series is The Leadershift Worksheet, which includes fill-in-the-blank notes from John’s teaching. You can download the worksheet by clicking “Download the Bonus Resource” below. 

5 thoughts on “Bonus Episode: Leadershift with Ed Bastian”

  1. this is fantastic,i learned in a few minutes very good lessons,and the guy only have a BS degree,WOW!!!

  2. Thanks so much , I love it . Thanks for interview Ed Bastian. I listen him carefully, i feel his humble voice in every word, and I learn so much from him. I will like he can know that people in Texas , are giving great customer service.(i have 25 years experience in customer service and always looking who can teach me more ) , Agnes and Carla (her manager), they help me last week , was around 12 >00 at the midnight , i was mentally tired, exhausted, but i need to buy the ticket for the IMC , and my tiredness make so slow my think, but the two girls make my night so beautiful, they show emphatic , so gentle, that like magic all my mental tiredness go away..i start to smiling, thinking clear, i told them how wonderful they was. i told about how i was feeling and how they make me feel. i share with them be emphatic is the secret of great customer service, they don’t know what going on in my brain, but they was like one rainbow . I plead them to always show kindness , i give to them the flame of the emphatic that they always show to every customer….because they don’t have idea how kindness can make difference in people life. Congratulations to Delta for have great employee in Texas, at the phone customer service!! Thanks John Maxwell for the wonderful episodes, for your teachings that are gifts from heaven to me, i love to listen your wisdom, that bring to my mind my great grandpa wisdom who marinate me at the world of the books at the younger age of 5 years old. Thanks again

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