Halftime Adjustments Series

Click here to listen or read the transcript:

Click here to listen or read the transcript:

In this new, two-part series, John Maxwell talks about the difference between good coaches and great coaches, and he gives guidance on how we can apply effective “halftime adjustments” to our leadership and organizations in the second half of the year.

Mark Cole is joined by Chris Goede during the application portion of this series to discuss the four halftime adjustments that John teaches. They discuss common thinking hang-ups that stifle fluid progress and the importance of leadership adjustments and agility.

Our BONUS resource for this series is the Halftime Adjustments Worksheet, which includes fill-in-the-blank notes from John’s teaching. You can download the worksheet by clicking “Download the Bonus Resource” below.

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  1. I cannot thank you for starting this Podcast. I have been listening since it started. It keeps getting better every time.

    Forever grateful.

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