Focused Thinking (Part 1)

As a high-energy, high-capacity leader, John Maxwell has a natural bias for action and has to be intentional to develop his focused thinking skills. He committed to put in the effort, and since then his effective practice of focused thinking has had a global impact.

In this episode, John shares some of what he has learned to help us maximize our focused thinking skills. The starting point, he says, is to verbalize and visualize what it is that we’re going to focus on. He goes on to provide a process for thinking through any idea.

Mark Cole and Jason Brooks share how they’re applying what John teaches, and they address some of the common challenges to consistently being a focused thinker. Mark encourages us to be intentional in scheduling both proactive and reactive thinking time. The episode ends with a challenge to take an hour to practice focused thinking before coming back next week for part two of this series.

Our BONUS resource for this episode is the Focused Thinking Worksheet. You can access the worksheet by clicking “Download the Bonus Resource” below.   

3 thoughts on “Focused Thinking (Part 1)”

  1. That was a wonderful podcast by Dr. John C Maxwell on ‘Focussed Thinking’. The word ‘health’ reminds me of the book ‘Spark’ by John Ratey. We must make sure to have only organic or fresh food whether be it vegetables, fruits, poultry or any food. We must say a big ‘No’ to frozen food to safeguard our health during every meals.
    The movie/book ‘The Old Man and the Sea’ by Ernest Hemingway depicts the theme of late American cherished values and shows a dire need in America via mandatory focused thinking leadership I.e. ‘health ‘ focused thinking should be integrated with mindset, heart set , soul set and health set. Besides we must avoid being a mechanical leader and transform (Leadershift) to Sage Warrior leadership (Reference :The Quickening by Stuart Wilde). Also we could tune into Native American Flute music during meditation session for a superior focused thinking from my perspective.
    Another two examples of focused thinking are depicted in the movie and book (1) Matilda by Roald Dahl- where Matilda is able to move objects though the children ‘s novel is totally a fictional genre. (2) Miracle Worker movie based on the story of Helen Keller is another example of focused thinking. In both (1) and (2) both Matilda and Helen are mentored /lead by their dedicated teacher.
    The entire podcast of Dr John c Maxwell was highly inspirational and filled with wisdom. The idea of listing down goals based on focused thinking by Mr Mark Cole along with Mr Jason Brooks was another take home message. God bless you all always and the entire team. God bless America always.

  2. I’m SO GRATEFUL for All “living words of wisdom” from Dr. John Maxwell and all powerful, authentic conversation led by Mark Cole!!! Thank you for all you talk and mindset that helping me to take the info with dipper understanding.
    I have to choose the word between joyfully persistent, value, health, focus? The word I feel the most is Joyfully persistent. Ok I have the word. I’m growing every week because your generosity Thank you Dr. John! Thank you Mark! Thank you all Team. I’m full of this “living words of wisdom” and I have to give all this back! Back to me to do what I just learned and back to the peaple so they can see my example and be inspire to be better to have the life that we can shine for God for His Glory!
    God Bless! THANK YOU???‍♀️?

  3. Dr John Maxwell mentions ADD.
    Being ADHD myself, I have found that the teachings of Dr John Maxwell is the best tools for people with ADHD.

    Why is it that some people cannot focus on one thing or what is important. Distractibility makes every important or everything unimportant.

    If anyone out there are battling withing ADHD, start to learn from Dr John Maxwell.

    So what is ADHD or ADD that he mentions in this podcast.

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