Earning Trust (Part 1)

John Maxwell says that the number one responsibility of a leader is to earn trust with his or her people. Trust is an attitude that allows people to rely on, have confidence in, and feel sure about people and things. This week on The John Maxwell Leadership Podcast, we’re starting a new series called “Earning Trust,” in which you’ll learn seven keys to gaining the confidence of your team.

Part one covers the first two keys. John shares the importance of consistency and accurate, open communication. He begins with these two points because they establish a foundation of confidence and security.  

Our BONUS resource for this series is the Earning Trust Worksheet, which includes fill-in-the-blank notes from John’s teaching. You can download the worksheet by clicking “Download the Bonus Resource” below.

7 thoughts on “Earning Trust (Part 1)”

  1. Good Afternoon!

    WOW, this episode is great. I, too, want to listen to this episode multiple times. You know how you hear something and it causes multiple past thoughts to pop up in your head? Listening again allows me to release that, and come back with intentions to be fully present in listening. Shedding more of myself each time to even be able to listen is a very big deal. And especially if a person is extremely emotional such as mySelf, i need to be able to calm down, assess the information, goals and vision and to then lead.

    It was so nice to hear that every new level of leadership is a new time to build trust. That’s very promising, and gives me lots of hope to not give up! It’s okay to make mistakes and move forward. Just make sure you really understand (or are trying) to understand the direction you’re headed/role you’re in.

    Thank you all SO MUCH FOR THIS.

    Ciceli Vaughan

  2. Such a great lesson. I read from John that Trust is the currency of leadership and these 2 foundational principles are a great framework to follow. Thank you!

  3. The last quote in your notes from Abe Lincoln is missing a critical word….”never” is missing so it negates the message John is bringing across.

    1. Thank you for pointing that out, Joe! The correction has been made to the PDF. You may need to clear your cache for the correction to appear if you revisit the page. Thanks again!

  4. Wonderful John.
    Perfectly true: Trust is the foundation of leadership.
    I really like the first one: Consistency of behavior personal and professional. Because behavior is the outward expression of who you are, i.e. internally coming out externally and seen by those who can trust you and follow you. A true leader walks his talk.

    Thank you John.

  5. I like what he had to say about trust. Being young you can gain a lot of trust issues from other young people. I like how he said we need to be consistent and try to be a leader. Many people aren’t that consistent these days and I hope I can put more consistency within my life.

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