Celebrating Jason Brooks

Hey Podcast Family, 

I wanted to take a moment to share some news with you. On December 29th, 2021, we lost our beloved friend, mentor, and co-host, Jason Brooks after his nearly two-year-long battle with cancer. If you’ve been listening to this podcast for more than a couple months, I know that Jason had a positive impact on your life. Jason was one of the best leaders I’ve known. My life, and the lives of our team members have been truly blessed by his life and legacy. Jason’s vision for his life was to unlock the brilliance in others, and that is something he, without a doubt, achieved through his relationships, his family, his leadership, his work as an author, and the impact he made through the John Maxwell Enterprise.   

If you would like to share your thoughts or send your love to his family and friends, please visit MaxwellPodcast.com/Jason and leave a comment. Or, leave a comment on your favorite episode that he co-hosted. This is certainly a time of grief, but it is also a time to celebrate the life Jason lived with resilience, faithfulness, selflessness, and yes, leadership 

One of my favorite episodes we recorded with Jason was one we did earlier last year called “Encouragement Changes Everything.” For this episode, Jason surprised Mark by coming into the studio for the first time since his diagnosis. It was an incredibly inspiring episode, so if you would like to listen to that episode, go to MaxwellPodcast.com/Encourage. And again, please leave a comment and share how Jason made an impact in your life.   

Jason, we love you and miss you. You were truly an example of how great leaders listen, learn, love, and lead. Until next time, my friend.   

51 thoughts on “Celebrating Jason Brooks”

  1. Although my heart is heavy with the news of Jason’s journey home to be with God, I wanted to take a moment to remember and celebrate the wonderful blessing he has been over the course of his life. Although I never met Jason in person, he has “mentored me from afar” via this podcast over the past few years. Please know that I (and countless others) have been deeply blessed by his serving heart, and that he is the perfect example for all of us in living life fully and in accordance with the purpose of our creation. Thank you Jason for sharing the gifts of your love for your fellow human, your tireless service, and the precious gift of your time. Jason has added value to me, and he has made me a better person by sharing his knowledge and his passion of service. I know Jason’s family is so very proud of him and I will keep them all in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. I’m so sorry to hear of Jason’s passing. I clearly remember the podcast on encouragement and will always make a point to re-listen regularly to hold onto his points. The greatest gift anyone get is being remembered for their kindness, caring and helping others become the best they can be. He was truly a gift to me and I hope his spirit lives on in a peace that can be shared with his family.

  3. Oh No! I am so sad! I spoke with Jason so many times as he shared and hosted Leader Core over the years! I read and supported him on his blog and bought a number of copies of his book. I know his concern for his family and keeping hope alive as he struggled during 2021 was a burden on his mind. He always referenced his wife and their relationship and his kids and his struggle with food, rest, and the evitable death. I know Jason has changed his address from earth to heaven. He is in glory with the Savior. Thank you for sharing yourself with me Jason!

  4. My heart is deeply saddened at the loss of our friend Jason. I loved his ever positive and uplifting attitude and outlook on life. He taught me that through every battle, every struggle, we have it within ourselves to stay positive and walk through life being a light to others. I also enjoyed listening to his podcast Learning to Write as he challenged me to develop my own writing and communication skills. Jason. Loved your questions, loved your insight, loved your positive attitude. Thanks for adding value to my life.

  5. It’s so sad to hear about the loss of a great leader who is known for his dedication to adding value to others. Jason made an impact on my life through his professional cohosting of the podcast with Mark Cole.
    My sincere condolences to his family and friends.

  6. I was always left in awe and inspired every time I would hear his voice. Thankful for all his wisdom and tenacity. I pray for his family and loved ones, and look forward to seeing his legacy live on through many avenues.

  7. I never had the privilege of meeting Jason personally but I enjoyed listen to his perspective on the podcast. What stood out to me was his humility and transparency, and his insight that was always seasoned with grace. Praying comfort for his family and the John Maxwell family.

  8. I just listened to “Encouragement Changes Everything” for the first time the other day. I was so inspired by his story and his outlook on life. May he rest in everlasting peace.

  9. Condolences to all your friends and family. We’ll miss you –but your legacy of leadership will live on. Cancer is such a devastating disease. Here’s to a day we never have to lose another loved one to it.

  10. Jason was a big encouragement to me during a difficult time about two years ago.
    It was one of the first episodes he cohosted.
    Don’t recall all the details now, but he shared his heart in discussing how he as an introvert adds value to others through his ministry.
    It reminded me again that God has a specific plan and purpose for my years on this earth.
    Just yesterday, I was vividly reminded that He still has more for me to do, more lives to touch in big and small ways.
    I hope that I can finish strong as Jason did; thank you for sharing his experience with us.
    Praying for his family and the Maxwell Leadership family as well.

  11. In the popcast, encouragement changes everything, Jason impacted me a lot due to his courage and advice on how to be positive in the middle of adversity. Jason was a great example of leadership and strength.

  12. Jason was one of the kindest and most thought-provoking leaders I’ve had a chance to work with. He was impactful to both our team here at my office and with my kids when they got a chance to meet him on a trip here to Tallahassee! We have lost an amazing guy here on earth, but heaven definitely gained an Angel. Our family is praying for the Brooks family right now and asking for God’s healing hand over their broken hearts… Love from the Yaeger Family

  13. Jason has influenced my life by emphasizing the little things and how they make the biggest difference in lives of others. I recall vividly listening to a podcast where Jason discusses giving Mark Cole a shirt that he had bought him. Mark, as Jason came in, was wearing the shirt, months later after Jason had given it to him. Jason expressed the love and appreciation he felt by the action. His venerability to share how he felt in those moments influenced me as a leader to see how big of an impact small gestures make the biggest difference.

    –Bryan from Iowa

  14. I am based in the U.K. and have read many of John’s books over the past decade but have only recently become a podcast listener. The reason for this is because I now have a dog and I have started listening when I walk him.
    Time and time again I have been struck by Jason’s insights, questions, thoughts and genuine humility when listening on those early morning walks.
    I was deeply saddened to hear of Jason’s death and I send my condolences to his loved ones and colleagues. I am sure he has touched many lives through his work, he has certainly touched mine.

  15. I just want to say thank you, Jason (Jesus, please pass on the message). Jason your tenacity to love, encourage, and strengthen others in the middle of your own battle has left an impact only God could explain. You are and will continue to be a modern-day Paul who could say “follow me, as I follow Christ”.
    I am eternally grateful, I’ll thank you in person one day❤️

  16. Dear JM family, Thank you for adding value to me and my team here in Kenya. I knew Jason’s voice and I loved it when you would compare your personalities vs leadership. I was in such a situation at work. I have the same personality as Mark and my COO with the Late Jason. The sessions on Trust busters were my best. I genuinely looked forward to learning from both of you cos of the personality difference. God’s comfort to his loved ones and JM’s family. I’m already family as our new organization strategy breathes almost 99.9% of the JM leadership model including the 90 days model! I hope to join one of the paid coaching programs.

  17. Jason’s podcast on encouragement truly touched me. It has made and IS making a difference in my life. He reminded me of the importance of encouragement. He helped me discover and understand that people yearn for it though they may never admit it and that encouragers and leaders absolutely need encouragement because they seldom get it themselves. He helped me make a greater connection between encouragement and HOPE and that hope makes all the difference. I was heartsick after just reading that Jason Brooks has passed from this life and though I absolutely know he his with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and with God our father, I am saddened to know his lives ones will see him no more on this side of heaven. Yet we know he is still here. His legacy lives on in the hearts and minds of those who knew and loved him and his legacy extends to those like myself who’s life has been touched by him though I know only his voice and yet I fe I know him. His legacy will also extend to those whom I have and will touch as I carry on the lesson I learned from him. May God bless the family and friends of my friend Jason Brooks

  18. Thank you Jason for sharing your heart and wisdom during your time on Earth. God wanted to call you home and now has a great writer on his team in Heaven!

    You have added and will continue to add great value in my life as a husband, father, and leader re-listening to older podcast episodes. You gave me as a fellow introvert the permission and confidence to share my passion for leadership with my family and friends.

    Your courage continues to inspire me and encourages me to fulfill my God-given potential and purpose. Your legacy will live through your words in adding value and encouraging others on a daily basis.

    I pray for continued love and blessings for your family and friends. Thank you for your example of strength and love that can be achieved through your words and actions. Blessings!

  19. I Heard some podcasts were Jason and Marc Cole were discussing different topics. I only want to say I gave a deep respect for his unpretentious an respectful manners. I always like to hear the discussions between them because they are full of usable lessons! I’m sure I will miss these incredible discussions. I love his modest but very instructive lessons!

    I wish his family and also Marc Cole Lots of strength in this great loss!

  20. I am praying for his family! He has impacted me so much this past month. Listening to this podcast is a blessing! I am so sorry for the lost. God Bless you all.

  21. So sorry to hear of Jason’s passing. His co-hosting on the Encouragement episode was really an inspiration to me. Prayers for his family and his Maxwell coworker family during this tough time of finding the “new normal” without his presence.

  22. The more enriched a person makes our lives the harder it is for us to let them go. Jason will be missed and his wonderful memories as well as the love, friendship and value he gave anyone he met or the enthusiasm he showed through his tonality and words he chose on the podcasts we all listened to will be remembered.
    What a tremendous man who cared deeply about others.
    He lived what John Maxwell teaches on a daily basis. His influence will live on though he physically is not with us.

  23. Thank YOU LORD for Jason! 💕
    He has blessed many lives!

    May the seeds that he has sown of love and wisdom flourish and multiply.

    and may the fruits of his effort bless the world.

    May his family be blessed with the company and comfort of Almighty God. ♥️

    May they be blessed with GOD’S LOVE, GRACE, STRENGTH and PEACE 🙏♥️😘

  24. Hi Brooks family!

    I worked with Jason through Don Yaeger and everytime I emailed him with feedback on his work (always telling him how amazing it was) he would respond with encouragement to ME! It was the most amazing gift he had to turn compliments on the people he worked with- an incredible leadership trait.

    Here’s one email he sent to me that was so well timed, God knew I needed it and spoke through Jason. I printed it and put on my cork board:

    “I appreciate you and your never-ending kindness, encouragement, energy and leadership. You’re one of the best people I know, and I so grateful that I get to know you!”
    He also helped us with a commencement speech! Ella and John: he spoke so highly of you in our office I could see how much he loves you. As you go onto graduate high school, I wanted to include his commencement speech address tips here that your dad wrote to us !

    · Every person you meet has value, therefore investing in others will never be a bad idea.
    · Define what success is for you and then chase it with everything you have.
    · The people you surround yourself with have a profound impact on the person you will become. If you spend time with people who are healthy, successful, and at peace, you’ll find those same traits coming to life within you.
    · Read, read, read. It’s one of the best—and least discussed—habits of successful people.
    · Do the daring stuff when you’re young. Don’t wait for a mythical retirement to travel, have adventures, or try new things.
    · Life will throw you into chaos at some point. Go ahead and decide now that you will grow through it, and you’ll find yourself navigating that moment well.
    · Your perspective determines your prospects. If you think there’s not enough success to go around, you’ll find your opportunities for success very limited. If you think there’s plenty of success for everyone, you’ll find your own opportunities in abundance.
    · Don’t take your health for granted. Anyone can have an accident or get sick at any time, so treasure and give thanks for every day that you’re in good health.
    · Take time to reflect. Looking back on what was, paying attention to what’s happening now, and dreaming about the future is never a waste of time. If anything, it’s one of the best investments you can make in your pursuit of success.
    · Some passions become careers, others become hobbies. Spend time now figuring out which of your passions are which, then chase the ones that can yield a career while enjoying the ones that will be your hobbies.
    · As cliché as it is, always remember life is short. You need to drop grudges, hold fast to your dreams, and spend the most time with the people who make you the best version of yourself.
    · Finally, value people. They are the key to your growth, success, and ultimate happiness in life, and should be treated accordingly

    Philippians 4:7 is one of my favorite verses because it shows God’s power in our lives while we are still on earth. “And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” The key phrase for me in this is “transcends understanding”… I can’t understand why God called Jason to be home with Him now when so many people loved him here on earth, but I do know that Jesus’ love and power is bigger than any human understanding. Praying that peace and comfort over your family today and in milestones to come!

    Savannah Gallagher

  25. My heartfelt condolences to Jason and family.
    I managed to hear Jason on the podcast and I felt a genuine energy when he spoke and I am a better father and leader because of it.
    To the family, you can draw comfort in knowing that it will be the face of Jesus he will see when He awakens him on that morning.
    Rest In Peace Jason

  26. I am a newly elected Vice President of a multispecialty group.
    I have listened to your podcast over the past year. Jason’s life, humility and strength touched me -including the love from his fellow team when he visited you on site last year.
    Jason, you touched my life more than you will know. Heaven gained an angel.

    Tara Mendonca,M.D.

  27. Dear Jason,
    I’ve been listening to the podcast since 2019, and I have to say what an incredible person you are. You have been so inspiring to my journey as a high school leader, and now that I’m in university, I want to continue pursuing being a leader. You have impacted me by emphasizing that compassion always comes first, and this certainly showed in your last two years of the fight for your life. You have finished so strong, that you have inspired me to do the same later on–to leave such an enduring legacy to come. Your legacy will always be remembered, dear Jason. It breaks my heart to know you won’t be coming into 2022 with us, your podcast family, but May Our Lord welcome you into his heavenly kingdom! -Miggy

  28. I am in tears , just found out about Jason . Wow what a inspirational leader through a struggle , he had such an impact on my life , just listening to his story and his wisdom . we will always remember him for his humility. Thank you Abba for allowing me to experience his wisdom and leadership ,even if it was only six months . We have another great angel leader looking after us , love to his family and know the Holy Spirit is looking after you all.

  29. Encouragement Changes everything is one of the many favorite podcasts that I listened to with Jason Brooks. His story and experience impacted my way of thinking and growth. May God rest his soul and perpetual light shine upon him. All of the podcasts he co-hosted are special and he will be a joyful memory. God bless his wife and family through this time of mourning.

  30. My heart is so sad to hear this news. Jason had such an impact me through my time in Leader Core. He truly made a deep and lasting impact on me. One of my favorite discussions with him was when he opened up and shared his journey to becoming a writer. Everything he wrote became so much richer at that point.

    His impact in my life will live on in my life. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends. Blessings, Jennifer

    1. My leadership ability and influence as a leader for my company is largely the result of Jason and the John Maxwell team does. Jason appeared to be a humble and very intelligent man. He will be greatly missed by many. Prayers for him and his family.

  31. This is very sad news. I am new to your podcasts and have listened in to a few where Jason was the co-host. This news has touched me so much. All I can do is thank God for his life and the many ways he touched people (including me) to start living our lives the way they were intended and ultimately living out our purposes here on earth. Go well gallant soldier. You shall forever live on in our memories and hearts.

  32. I listen to this podcast since 2019 during my morning run. Just want Jason’s family to know that his reach is all over the globe – I’m in Malaysia and I really appreciate his story, words of encouragement and his perspective . His life maybe short but his impact was immense like wildfire My sincere condolences to his family and the team at John Maxwell.

  33. Dear Jason,

    I will be missing you forever. You were a great man, a caring husband and father, and an inspiring leader.

    Your humility and kindness always inspired me.

    God bless you and your family. I will be praying for you all.

    Lot of love from New Zealand.

    Alexis Robin

  34. I was able to listen only to a few podcasts with Jason on it. My favorite is the episode “Encouragement Changes Everything” because it touched me in the depths of my soul and made me have a strong resolve to be a leader who intentionally encourages others. Thank you, Jason, for your legacy. Thank you to the podcast team for all that you do to put encouraging material for your listeners. Prayers of comfort go out to you and Jason’s family.

  35. Jason, Jake Decker, Rob Sindon and I (as Maxwell colleagues) for many years would gather in my car once a month over lunch and conduct a “music Top 4 countdown” of our favorite classic rock songs, sappy 80’s songs, R&B songs, U2’s greatest, you name it!… There was always a theme . The key was in a minute or less to describe why you liked that song (as a teaser) before pressing play over the Bose speakers. We would then play a 2-minute snippet “cut” of that song.

    Jason’s commentary and imagination wove personal triumph, pain, laughter and joy into every one of this intros. His creativity and descriptive brilliance was memorable. So many of the songs he liked had a personal story behind them, He was truly one of a kind. He was a very nice friend and I will miss him.

  36. Sorry to hear the passing of Jason. I am listening to podcast of courage to continue – which seems very poignant.

    Also, I am reminded of Jason’s and Mark’s advice of how adversity reveals more opportunities to serve others.

    Prayers with you all.

  37. So sorry to hear about Jason Brooks passing away. I
    have always admired his passion in what he believed and his courage to press on. Praying for his family.

    With prayers,

  38. Oh, I’m SO sorry to hear this!! I remember listening to the podcasts after the lockdowns and him referencing his health; I never envisioned this ending. I’m so sorry to hear. Jason always shone through as a deep thinker, providing profound insight on subjects in his gentle voice. I also remember an episode many moons ago when Mark spoke of Jason’s journey to eventually where he was on the JM team, and I could relate to him, being a creative. Jason, we’re so glad you gave of yourself and your gift. Thank you for pouring into others to become better writers, and more courageous leaders. (I ALWAYS admire Jason’s ability to write a succinct blurb! 🙂 ) We are the better for having Jason share his life and work on the podcast. Praying for his family’s peace and strength as they go through the loss of a giant.

  39. Dear Mrs. Brooks and Family,

    Words cannot begin to express how much the work of your husband, father, son, and brother has impacted my life and the lives of so many people who you will never know. His life was impactful. His work was meaningful. His legacy will live beyond his short time here on earth. We feel this pain with you… thank you for sharing his life with us.

  40. Although I never knew Jason in person. His voice and charisma was projected through the audio as warm and kind person, who filled with the wisdom and presence of God has blessed and inspired hundreds and thousands of people around the world, me being one of them in the distant country of Costa Rica.
    Blessing to the family of Jason and we all mourn his passing but celebrate his life.

  41. Jason TY for being a Difference Maker. I always enjoyed listening to you and Mark on Podcast. You had a purpose in encouraging others. I so appreciated your strength! Forever Hugs,

  42. Jason modeled leadership by transparency and excellence. He remains a role model in personal growth, compassion and humility. My sincere condolences to his family and friends!

  43. Jason always provided a perspective that I appreciated. He had the ability to reach into a situation that a leader was in at that exact moment and speak truth. We cannot understand the timing of his passing, but we can understand the gifts he passed on to each of us!

  44. Always enjoyed listening to Jason on the podcasts. He was and true inspiration to all of us and his servant attitude to continue to lead while undergoing treatment was incredible. So sad to hear the news and he will be truly missed!

  45. I loved and will miss Jason!! I loved the time we got to spend together and the relationship we built between all things Marvel and Star Wars. I was and am inspired by the way he walked out his path. I know that he is exactly where God wanted him to be and accomplish exactly what God wanted him to. I also am certain he heard “Well done my good and faithful servant.” Thanks for being awesome Jason!! Until I see you again.

  46. Jason was a great complement to Mark’s high energy. His voice took the feel back down to Earth in a realistic, useable way. His departure will be mourned and his wisdom will be missed.

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