Building Relationships: Working Together Means Winning Together (Part 1)

John Maxwell teaches that people won’t go along with you unless they can get along with you! It’s as simple (and as difficult) as that. In this episode, John describes the reasons for conflict, the types of team relationships, and why working together increases our chances of winning together.

Mark Cole, the CEO of The Maxwell Enterprise, and Richard Chancy follow John’s lesson with some insights into how this plays out in their day-to-day leadership. They encourage us to recognize the value in all levels of relationships, as well as to think through the type of people we need to be working to build relationships with.

Our BONUS resource for this series is the Building Relationships Worksheet, which includes fill-in-the-blank notes from John’s teaching. You can download the worksheet by clicking “Download the Bonus Resource” below.

4 thoughts on “Building Relationships: Working Together Means Winning Together (Part 1)”

  1. Thank you Dr. John Maxwell, Mr. Richard and Mr. Jake for this highly inspiring, very informative, thrilling lecture of John, and the wonderful conversation between Richard & Jake.
    What I think is that Surface Level Relation are of course foundational yet can be moved to next level if people on those relationships have authenticity, gratitude, integrity and good intentions. Otherwise Surface level relationship would remain shallow as in the book ‘Great Gatsby’ by F Scott Fitzgerald and ‘Pygmalion’ or other works of George Bernard Shaw. Conflict arises when there’s hypocrisy, shallowness, lack of purpose in life and selfishness which is intrinsic human nature.
    Nevertheless, Surface level can move to Structured, Secure and finally to Solid relationship when there’s gratitude, strength of character via integrity, authenticity and good intentions. Otherwise, it’s just a high maintenance relationship where we might have to cut the chord with due respect to ourselves and to sustain / protect our values, principles and other good people surrounding us.
    I must confess I started my journey with Dr. John Maxwell in 2009 while I was teaching at an international school in my hometown Mangalore city, India with ‘One Minute with Maxwell’ videos. Though I found John’s presentation pleasant yet not so inspirational those days because I had not read any of his books then. As I went on listening more to audio books on you tube and started reading his books, I could acknowledge, appreciate, realize how authentic Dr. John Maxwell is though I am a very staunch and devoted Muslim. I loved John’s lectures whether it is of Queen Esther or any topics of Secular leadership. Though I had ‘Contrarians’ criticizing me for following & appreciating Dr. John Maxwell’s leadership. I As Jake says ‘I love “Contrarians” because they help me defend my position’. I couldn’t agree less with Jake because Contrarians are healthy provided they have good intentions on us.
    As a teacher since year 2000, I always raise the bar and expectations of my students every time based on their potential, and that’s how I do Leader shift and bless them. Thank you Dr. John M for references to Children’s book on relationship which I love to buy for my son Ebraheem, share them with my students too in America.
    What is remarkable about Dr. John Maxwell is that in his leadership approach he meets the Queen Victorian moral standards of leadership because he’s so comprehensive yet careful what he talks in all his lectures. I guess he’s the only one on this world. I’m sure, believe and pray soon Richard and Jake will live up to the standards of leadership of Dr. John M and become great just like him. I end this comment with gratitude to all three of you stating somewhat what Dr. Maxwell said in one of his lectures ‘If you knew what I’d to do to reach to this level of leadership by paying huge price by sacrificing even a part of my Sundays in preparations, maybe you wouldn’t want to do it.’ God bless you Dr. John Maxwell, Richard and Jake, your families, your entire team. God bless America with people who are givers, who are grateful, who have authenticity, integrity and are willing to pay a price as founding fathers on building the nation with such solid relationship. We may not ‘blindly follow’ anyone yet ‘be an intelligent follower’. Happy Memorial Day to all! God bless America and make strong and great always!

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