Attitude: The Difference Maker (Part 3)

 In this episode on attitude, John encourages us in overcoming five common challenges to maintaining a positive attitude. They are discouragement, problems, change, fear, and failure. John addresses each potential threat to a positive attitude and offers sage advice on how to overcome it.

Mark Cole, Richard Chancy, and Jason Brooks talk through their personal challenges with maintaining a winning attitude, and they offer various ways to reframe our perspective in a positive way. They talk about the fact that the “Success Cycle” John is fond of teaching includes failure, and they discuss the role failure can have in success. They encourage us to lean into the tension we feel around failure and see it as a part of the growth process rather than allow it to dampen our attitude.

Our BONUS resource for this episode is the Attitude Worksheet. You can access the worksheet by clicking “Download the Bonus Resource” below.      

4 thoughts on “Attitude: The Difference Maker (Part 3)”

  1. Highly useful podcast. This is the one training podcast I must really take notes and learn by heart as every word Dr John speaks has very high weightage to step forward and progress with change. Besides, the comments of Mr. Mark Cole, Mr Jason Brooke and Mr Richard Chancy was equally inspirational and worth noting down. Thank you and God bless all.

  2. So good! In the last week I was rocked by a disappointment that reminded me of a time a few years ago that I experienced as a really trip me up kind of experience. It took some real awareness for me that disappointments and change arise and how my response to it is much more responsible now than in the past. I do attribute that to growth. While I wish things didn’t come up and I do need to enlist the support of others in those times, I need the lifters that appreciate that we all get blindsided by change and circumstances at times. The other awareness I had as a result of my growth is to be gracious with myself and responsibly accept the disappointments of life are unavoidable. They are also a part of my experience. There is no going around them because that just leads to frustration and a mindset that I have been stopped or sidetracked. Instead I embrace that these are the things we go through because we are human. They are not distractions. As John says, pain introduces us to ourselves. It does not define us, but with full awareness we can manage what we have been given and grow past it while also eliminating the identity that it’s a problem. Instead, it’s just the stuff of life.

  3. Extremely valuable principles and strategies to overcome attitude challenges and progress forward to success. A great detailed reminder and encouragement for all of us. Thank you, Dr. John Maxwell.
    After listening to this from my perspective as a lover of Mathematics subject, I could come to this analogy: In Mathematics, the Numeral Systems are Roman Numerals (descended from Romans) which is I,II, III ….to M (which represents 1 to 1000 and Hindu-Arabic Numerals systems: Indo-Arabic Numerals (originated from India) and then called European Numerals (Descended from Western Arabic) which is 0 , 1, 2, 3 up to Infinity (∞). In perspective of attitude, one must know that Roman Numerals cannot be represented beyond 1000 or is totally impractical to represent a number such as 3000 whereas Hindu Arabic numerals can represent all numbers up to infinity. The fact is to present the fact and then solve the problem by adapting to change and overcoming discouragement, fear and other factors that lead to progress through CIT (Continuous Improvement Team), Corrective Action Taken (CAT), Success Cycle Principles, and Japanese Kaizen system a way of life to live a principled, virtuous and quality life despite setbacks and obstacles . And say a big ‘NO’ to the DUMB cycle. Thank you to all (Mr. Mark C, Richard C & Jason B) for that last note with a great sense of humor. God bless you Dr. John C Maxwell, your team and the entire family.

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