Candid Conversations: The Infinite Game with Simon Sinek

In this installment of Candid Conversations, John Maxwell and Mark Cole chat with author and speaker Simon Sinek about his new book, The Infinite Game. Simon shares what inspired him to write the book as well, as five practices that you need to continually embrace in order to play the “infinite game.”

John and Simon discuss the implications of capitalism’s priority shift to putting profits before people and, alternately, the impact on business culture when capitalism is used to serve the people. 

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12 thoughts on “Candid Conversations: The Infinite Game with Simon Sinek”

  1. This was great, but another hour would have been welcome. Or a series. I love listening to each of these teachers, but together it was dynamic.

  2. Thank you for sharing the pursuit of the five healthy practices, Simon. Thank you, John, for connecting the infinite game to transformation.
    A fresh wind is blowing.

  3. Highly useful inspiration and worth perusing into. Thank you for sharing Dr. John C Maxwell and the team. Thank you to the guest speaker/author Mr. Simon Sinek.

    Be it Finite or Infinite game(s) all must be played with great integrity and values should seldom be compromised for capitalism as every individual is accountable to that.

    Thank you with prayers and gratitude.

  4. Everyday, I read or listen to something from John M. I wondered, what does John M. read? Simon Sinek. Totally applies to life in general! I am now going to read or listen to something from John M. AND Simon S. everyday.

  5. This was a great interview and insights…

    I was wondering where I could obtain the transcript, as it would be good to take better notes and pass some information to my team.

    1. Hi Devinka! Unfortunately, we do not currently have transcripts for our episodes. But we will begin offering them later on this year. Please let us know if you have any more questions!

  6. BRAVO! The truths discussed in this episode, when fleshed out, will not only transform companies & industries it will transform our world. Love this Maxwell-Sinek partnership. Time to undo what’s been done!

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