Candid Conversations: The Art of Mentoring

You will feel like you are sitting around the table as you listen to this Candid Conversation between John Maxwell and a group of men whom he has spent the last several days with. Each person shares the mentoring lessons they have learned from John and what their key takeaways are.

John encourages us to have eyes to see the mentoring opportunities all around us. We all have occasion to learn from one another, and we all have opportunity to help others. John shares how he looks for teaching and touching moments where he can be intentional to add value to others, as well as his desire to listen well and learn from the people around him. To maximize our growth we need to be learning from others, as well as pouring into people.

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1 thought on “Candid Conversations: The Art of Mentoring”

  1. Thank you so Papa John. You have been a true mentor to me through your teachings. I am a consistent follower of your teachings and have been for the past 10 years. Listening to you over the years has helped me discover and grow in my leadership path. I look forward to the day i will finally meet you.

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