Candid Conversations: Live from Las Vegas

In this installment of Candid Conversations, John Maxwell and Mark Cole update us on their incredible experience in Washington D.C. where John received the Horatio Alger Award. John reflects on this experience to discuss the importance of partnership.

John also teaches on two essentials of developing leaders: equipping and empowering. He points out that equipping leaders results in incremental, positive return; but empowering the people you equip results in exponential return.

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The Horatio Alger Association

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3 thoughts on “Candid Conversations: Live from Las Vegas”

  1. Thank you enlightening motivation. Empowering the love that is needed to heal to transform our world.

  2. This podcast is amazing! I’ve seen John speak in front of thousands (at Amway functions), and my respect for him continues to rise! God bless you two wonderful leaders!

  3. Thank you both for helping me become a better person and a better leader with a loving heart for people. It’s always about the People!

    It was awesome to spend quality time with John on the golf course during the John Maxwell Pro-AM last week! And also I enjoyed having dinner with you Mark ! It was amazing to learn from you as well.

    Fernando Campos
    Hispanic Community Director
    Peoples Mortgage

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