Candid Conversations: Leading Through the Coronavirus

Great leadership stands out in times of crisis because great leaders have prepared themselves for the moment. Their voice is one that responds, not reacts. In this episode, John Maxwell and Mark Cole invite their long-time friends Kevin Myers and Chris Hodges to talk about how leaders should be voices of hope during crisis without neglecting the earnestness of a serious circumstance.

They remind us that all crises are opportunities to lead and that there is a distinction between preparing yourself and preparing for the event. Being intentional about both is what affects your ability to lead in the moment.

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23 thoughts on “Candid Conversations: Leading Through the Coronavirus”

  1. Thank you for this Candid Conversation. I’m a Leader that Deals in Hope! I Feed My Faith and Starve My Fears, and Do The Needful In between! So Help Me God!🙏🏽

  2. Great message of hope from you guys. Is it possible for future podcasts to have a transcript version published along with the audio version? Your messages are timeless for me and I need to pass some of it on to the people I coach.
    Thanks again for your faith-based message of hope in difficult times.
    ~ Marvin

    1. Hi Marvin,

      Yes, we are currently working to provide new episodes with transcripts. These will be included in new episodes in the near future.

  3. So gratful for that episode and for the JM-podcasts generally. It feeds me powerfuly.
    “When opportunities come it is too late to prepare”
    “The sky is not falling! There is HOPE” 🙂
    Bless you guys. Thanks

  4. por favor , y muchas gracias, que tengan un Hermoso día siempre contando con DIOS Y SIEMPRE AGARRADOS DE LA MANO DE DIOS, “PARA LOS QUE CREEN TODO LES ES POSIBLE” , BUENO todo estos temas son interesantes e importantes pero por favor somos de sur América y manejamos el idioma español, y por eso es que no lo entendemos ni sabemos de que se trata, seria importante que fueran en español, gracias A JHON MAXWELL POR SU AMOR Y SU ENTREGA Y POR SU PACIENCIA Y SU GRAN VIRTUD, Y A TODO EL EQUIPO DE JMT, UN ABRAZO Y LOS AMO EN EL NOMBRE DE JESÚS.

  5. This was a perfect episode for me to carry through to my team and my home life. I am grateful for the opportunity of being guided to this podcast today. Thank you
    God Bless you all and the world.

  6. Thank you, John for these messages
    of hope. I have been teaching myself to listen to leaders and not the crowd. It has served me and my family well. People please remember- we
    are made to be Lions not lemmings!

  7. Great conversation:
    Ambassadors of HOPE!!!
    Tune into our DISPOSITION — before we take a POSITION!
    LEADERS VOICES are different from the crowd!
    Thanks for your God-Centered comments!

  8. It is encouraging to hear about long term mentors that become friends. The fruit of investment in time for sowing into good soil is a tremendous reward as I
    Step into the influence of the leaders who are pressing through the uncertainty of these times.
    People are looking to others for a voice of reason.
    People of faith have stability in Psalm 91!!

  9. Thank you John and team for an inspiring podcast today. It was the right message at the right time for me, as I have been facilitating virtual individual and team coaching support sessions today for some principals in North Carolina. I plan to forward this podcast message to them. As a JMT coach, school leadership coach, and person of faith, I will continue to spread hope to my family, friends, neighbors, and workforce.
    “A leader’s voice should be different than the voice of the crowd.”

  10. I love all the podcast, been a subscriber for a while, enjoy the books and the recommendations, I did not get this episode’s message though, maybe is a loss in translation thing, how we anybody say “your world my ending my mine isn’t” so what? You don’t care?, how can you tell that to hospital workers, people leaving and working in retirement homes, and the millions of people that will lose their work and lifestyle for something that has nothing to do with their doing, can someone please explain

    1. Hi Luis,

      Thank you for your comment and your concern. We are always grateful when people write in to get more insight on John’s teaching, so I’m happy to help here. John used the phrase, “the sky is falling” as a short-hand for how some people can allow bad circumstances to create havoc in their lives. Instead of taking control where they can, they let the uncertainty and fear overwhelm them. It’s perfectly human, but John wants leaders to remember that they are responsible for others. Like you pointed out, a great many healthcare workers are putting their lives on the line during this crisis precisely because they want to take care of people. That’s what leaders do.

      But they’re only able to take care of people because they aren’t panicking themselves–for them, “the sky” isn’t falling because they know what they must do to lead and serve others.

      That was John’s point: leaders can’t let their sky fall, or they won’t be able to lead. They should acknowledge the challenges, fears, and devastation of what’s going on, but they must believe there is an answer and point people toward it.

      Does that help clarify things for you? Please let me know.

  11. Great message!
    The way you value people impacts me a lot and I have learnt so much from following your teachings and listening to your podcasts.
    Thank you so much Mr Maxwell for giving so much of yourself.
    Stay safe!

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