Candid Conversations: Advice for People Starting Their Career (Part 1)

John Maxwell and Mark Cole begin this Candid Conversation with an update on two projects John is currently hard at work on. The first is The Power of 5 for network marketing. The second is iDo, a values-based, leadership-roundtable curriculum designed specifically for students. These resources have the potential to have a huge impact, and you get to be among the first to hear about them.

For the rest of the conversation, John shares with Mark five pieces of advice he would offer to those just starting their careers or beginning new leadership roles. He looks back at mistakes he made and shares the lessons he has learned to help you avoid the success gap. You’ll have to listen to hear all of them, but our favorite is: “Be nice, but don’t try to please everybody.”

In this conversation, you’ll hear John’s desire for you to win and be successful. In fact, he was on a roll and has agreed to continue this conversation, so be on the lookout for more advice from your mentor, John C. Maxwell, in an upcoming Part Two.

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4 thoughts on “Candid Conversations: Advice for People Starting Their Career (Part 1)”

  1. So crazy good! This will forever change me. My husband and I are first time Lead Pastors.
    Can’t wait to hear part 2!

    Thank you John!

  2. Love John Maxwell, have read books, got to hear him recently at Grow Conference. Now a renewed energy in myself to grow personally and develop others. Thank you

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