How to Start Successfully Series

John Maxwell says the first person you must learn how to lead is yourself. In this series, “How to Start Successfully,” John is going to help us begin with inentionality. Spring is a time of year when we’re thinking of new beginnings and starting fresh. How you start can set you up for success or set the stage for failure on the rest of your journey.

That’s why, in this series, we’re not just talking about how to start––we’re talking about how to start off right. John will dive into the importance of starting the journey with yourself and starting early.

Your host, Mark Cole, is joined by Jason Brooks to talk about the role that setting priorities and developing your life philosophy play in starting a new endeavor successfully, as well as the difference between “success” and “significance.”

Listen to Episode 36 How to Start Successfully (Part 1) 

Listen to Episode 37 How to Start Successfully (Part 2) 

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